Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Fun Daddy Weekend".. that is what Jason calls it.

I call it.. "let's ensure not a tear is shed while mama is away.."  or "hopefully by the time mama gets home I still have all my teeth."

While I was on my girl's beach trip Jason took the time off to stay with the kids.  I would be relaxing and chatting and maybe self portrait taking on the beach when I would hear a "ding" on my phone.  It would be the latest photo upload from "fun daddy weekend" onto Facebook.  I loved it.  I loved seeing the kids and what they were up to...   Jason never told me what he had planned.. just that he "had everything under control."

So let's rewind to the morning they dropped me at the airport, curbside.  "Tuck and roll" is what Madison was chanting as we slowed to a stop.  (Jason assisted her in that phrase)... I glanced back at her and casually got out of the car.  I heard laughter fade to tears as Jason lifted the back to get out my suitcase.  I opened Madison's door to give her a kiss goodbye.  She tearfully grabbed my face with both hands and told me "not to forget to bring her a kangaroo home from the beach."  Sure thing Mad.. I'm sure that will be a cinch to find at those seaside shops.

That very morning as I was fading in the review mirror, curbside, they were headed to the dinosaur park near the airport.

After Madison climbed and Tyler petted every plastic dino, Jason took them to his favorite lunch spot.. "Players."  Players is a hole in the wall burger joint.  You order at the counter and wait to hear .. "ORDER UP" ... ding.. before you make your way to the food window.  (Jason once took me here for a date night.. not just any date night, but a surpise date night.  I was less than thrilled.  My argument was that you could take your kids there.. oh and they have a serve yourself drink policy.  I much prefer a wine list on date night.)

This is also where the healthy food ended.

I do know that he wiped the table first. HAHA!

After lunch Jason took them home for a nap.  They played a while after naps and then headed to ....

Chuck E Cheese..


The next day Jason loaded them in the car for the "Keep Austin Weird Festival."  I bought this stroller off Craig's List right before I left on my trip.  Jason put it to good use.

Loving the Carl's Jr. Bag.

They next morning they got up bright and early and headed to Krispy Kreme.  Madison is watching the donuts get made.

"Tyler.. what would you like to eat??

Notice Madison's shirt??

Next up.. The Luling Watermelon Festival!!!  I don't know how he finds this stuff!

They had an hour long drive to Luling and then home.  The kids napped in the car.  Jason said they seemed pretty entertained! 

They rested up and then headed to the Austin Zoo the next morning.  Jason said he pulled up to the gate and almost turned around.  I guess it was a little sketchy looking, but he said once inside it was great.  (Notice the bow?  I think he was tired of me texting him to brush her hair!)

Are those guinea pigs??  (Jason is at work while I'm typing this post... I'm seeing this photo for the first time!)

Jason sent this picture to me.  She was missing me and wanted to wear one of my Sweaty Bands!

This day also happend to be Jason's birthday.  I told him to make sure he let the kids know and to celebrate.  So they all went out to dinner for steak.  (Well.. Jason had steak.)

"Happy Birthday Daddy!"

Jason packed Madison's lunch for the first time.  He dropped her at school.  He wrote on facebook for this picture.. "Headed to school.. YES MOM.. I had a bow in, but I took it out!"

After school he took them to a little amusement park in town.

..and to the grocery store...

.. and out to dinner..  We are testing the theory that kids do not get sick from eating off restaurant tables.

On the last day, Jason drove them to the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory.. or creamery.. or whatever.

On the long ride home Jason stopped at this cute diner for lunch.  Jason said this sweet old lady in line behind him told him that Tyler is the most beautiful baby boy she has ever seen.  I have to agree with her.

The ride home.. Madison has her blue bell cow and her car that housed her hamburger.

To Jason - You are the most amazing father.  Thank you.

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