Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Uncle Jennie and Addie Shampoo

I like an orderly blog.  One that starts at the beginning and ends at the end.  However, I'm so behind... which I'm not apologizing for because I'm just busy with life.  So I'm going to start at the end and end at the beginning.  (Translation.. I'm starting with yesterday and working my way back until I'm all caught up.)

Happy Fourth of July!!!  Bahahaaa!

Okay.. seriously...  Happy Fourth!

Now rewind to last Friday after we touch on last Wednesday.  (Hang in there.)

I returned from a girls' beach trip this past Wednesday evening.  That is part of the beginning that I will get to later... any who Jason had texted me while I was on my trip that he would need to have my car to move offices on the Friday after I returned.  I know that doesn't seem like such a big deal, but let me explain.  Jason having MY car = home with the kids all day.  So I wasn't happy about it, but I figured I could work on getting the house cleaned.  I returned to a somewhat orderly house, but not clean.  That is where I usually come in anyway.  (OH and my plants were dead.  I really don't know how he doesn't hear them begging for water.) 

So Jason spent all of Friday morning moving offices while I "cleaned."  You see, the vacuum had made it out of the closet and into the middle of the kitchen and did get plugged in...  But I didn't get any further than that for two reasons.  1. Madison and 2. Tyler.  I'm sure you understand.  Jason called around noon and told me that he was going to stop and pick up BBQ to bring home for lunch.  We ended the conversation with me saying.. "Don't get too much food!"  Jason always gets too much BBQ.  He walks into the house with a huge bag from Rudys.  I take the bag and start pulling out pans of meat and huge containers of sides.  I'm facing the wall complaining about how much food he got.. "Why did you get all this food?  I told you not to get so much food! You never get this much food even when we have company.... What were you thinking?!!"  I turn to face him and standing in my kitchen straight from Georgia is my sister and her family!!!!

My brother-n-law took this fab picture with his phone.. I'm sure you can make out my jaw on the floor?!

They all had this planned for over two months.  I was beyond excited.  I hadn't seen them since Christmas.. except I did see my sister the weekend before they came to Texas.. (I'll get to that in another post too! HA HA!)

We all went out to dinner that night with the kids... Iguana Grill.. our go to!

Meet "Addie Shampoo."  This is Jennie's oldest.. Her name is "Maddie," short for Madeline NOT Madison.  Jennie and Kris call her "Maddie Moo."  Madison calls her "Addie Shampoo." 

and this is "Uncle Jennie..."  Madison is still trying to figure out who is an "aunt" and who is an "uncle."

We took the kids to the sand park one morning while Tyler napped at home.  Madison LOVES sand and dived right in...

Okay.. maybe not.  This is me trying to convince her that playing in the sand would be fun.

Jennie's kids had fun.

Madison liked the splash pad.

I know one day we will look back and love this photo.  I also know one day it won't be a problem to get everyone to look at the camera, smile, and not mind doing it... I'm willing to wait.  I love the babies and I don't want them to grow up!

Jason also got a sitter for Saturday night and the adults were able to go out!  I just wish I could stay up past my bedtime! 

Thanks for the surprise!  I doubt you'll be able to pull that off again! :)

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