Thursday, July 7, 2011

YA-YA Beach Trip 2011 and a GIVEAWAY!!!

I missed my girl's beach trip last year with good reason...  I was kind of busy.

(AND by the way.. he turned 14 months yesterday!)

Click here and here to see Ya-Ya trips of years past.  It's my college girlfriends and we've been going since we graduated in 2000.  This year we went to our favorite place, Seaside.  Most of my girlfriends still live in Georgia so Flordia is a good destination.  I really wanted to go this year and with the impending arrival of my nephew, Jet, I finagled a baby shower/beach trip reason to fly home to Georgia.  My college roommate and sister to my brother's wife, picked me up at the airport.  We drove to her parent's house to throw the baby shower.

Meet Mendy...  (she is also pregnant with baby number three!!)

My sister - Jennie, me, Caitlin (mom to be of Jet), Mendy, and their other sister, Ginny (who is married to a Chris.. not to be confused with my sister's husband, Kris).

The shower was adorable!  Mendy and I gave kisses goodbye after it was over and ran to the car to make the 4 hour drive to the beach!  We stayed in this AMAZING house.  (By the way.. I did not take my camera and I have stolen all of these pics from friends!)

We played in this amazing pool....

Were were served by amazing waiters. I deemed him "Circa 1988" because somehow I found out his age and COULD NOT BELIEVE I had gotten so old or he was really that young.  He didn't seem to mind... obviously.

This waitress loved us too...

We played on the crystal white sand beaches....

I took a self potrait or two.. or three... or I can't count them all.. (someone in a purple bathing suit loves herself).

We ate yummy food!

Took silly photos....  (Let me just add.. I'm in my pajamas in this photo.  It was 11:00 p.m. and I was beyond ready for bed.  Such a party pooper!)

Our final day at the beach it rained until after lunch.  You would not find us crying... we made ourselves at home at the beach club with Circa 1988 serving us mojitos and get this.. we played UNO!

Mojitos became our "Aloha."  We used it for hello and goodbye and it now serves as our salutation in e-mails.  I said to Circa 1988 as he laid my lunch in front of me.. "Mojito".. and he responded.. "and also with you..."

 So my friend Holly (the one in green in that last group photos.. also pregnant with her third.. MAN WE ARE OLD!) made us the most adorable cups for the beach...

She has an etsy shop and a facebook page.  She is giving away a tumbler of your choice/design!! 

Here's what you do to enter...

Lke her facebook page, Vinyl Designs.  Leave me a comment saying you did so.  That's it!!!

If you don't win.. they are only $10 and SUPER SUPER CUTE!!!

One comment per person, US residents only!  I will post winner one week from today.

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