Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School

I can't believe Madison started her third year of preschool.  She started when she was 15 months old.   I couldn't favor one child over the other so Tyler started this year too!! 

Tyler was fed, dressed, and ready before Madison so I took him out front for a few photos.  He is doing this new thing now when he wants me to pick him up.  He reaches for me, waves his hands and squeals with such urgency.  I just love it.

Tyler normally runs around in pedipeds, but for school he needed solid shoes and socks.

(Oh.. and yes he is the cutest boy that ever walked the planet!)

I didn't get nearly as many photos of Madison.  She smiled for about two ... these two and then wanted her treat!

Jason met me at the school to help get a few more photos and get them to class.

Madison and her buddies...  I love all the apple outfits!


Madison - 2009  (Tyler's age... toddler's class)

2010 - Two's

2011 - Three's  (look at those long legs!)

Both kids had a great day.. as did I!!  I asked Tyler's teacher if he had a good day and she said.. "Oh yes.. and boy does he like to get into everything.."  Ha Ha.. the story of my life!

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