Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lilly Pads and Bad Bugs

This past weekend was our good friend Emily's first birthday!  Her mama and I go way back...!

We started at picnic tables for food and cake.  This was the best I could do with my two.. Tyler looks thrilled right?  He was off that wall as fast as I put him up there.

After cake we headed off to the "Lily Pad" as Madison called it.  We have this brand new AMAZING splash pad near our house.  This was our first time to visit and we WILL BE BACK.

It's great for small kids because it's pretty well contained.

Tyler preferred the sidelines with me or being held.

The party was right in the middle of his nap so...

he was slightly cranky...

Not this girl!

Until we made her leave so Tyler could take a nap.

In other news.. we were trapped like houseflies yesterday.  Madison came down with a stomach bug Sunday night... She's had just a stomach bugs before this one, but never quite like this.  She woke up screaming at 11 p.m.  I ran up there and she was crying and said she "spit out."  Sure enough there was "spit out" everywhere.  Oh.. and let me mention she sleeps with three full size pillows, two baby pillows, twelve thousand stuffed animals and a duvet.  I just stood there and yelled for Jason in the monitor .. "I need back up!!"  He stripped the bed while I took her crying downstairs to put her in my tub.  She was pretty upset and I didn't want her to wake Tyler.  We put her in bed with us on towels and sure enough we relived the whole thing a little while later... bath number two. 

Madison NEVER sleeps with us so we had a very long night.  She didn't feel well and kept waking up and asking us if it was time to get up.  "Mama, the sun is sleeping, but we can still get up. Won't that be great?"  She was completely fine by the next morning.  I was exhausted and was not thrilled to start my Monday with a mountain of laundry. Shortly after Tyler drank his morning sippy of milk he started to "spit out" all over me, the couch, the rug, and the tile where I finally sat him down.  I threw him in my tub and after bathing him I returned to a clean floor.  Thank you Charli the dog.  (Don't worry.. I wiped up behind her!)

Looking pitiful!

He was feeling much much better today...

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