Monday, August 1, 2011

Y'all it's HOT! and I will not "PIN" in vein....

I know it's no secret that it's hot.  It's August, I live in Texas, so yes I know it's going to be hot.  However, this kind of no rain since the spring, in the hundreds no mercy heat, skunks invading my backyard looking for water and spraying my dogs hot is KILLING me!!!  My poor camera has been sitting stale on the shelf because we just can't brave the heat anytime of day to go outside and take fun pictures.  Oh wait.. Madison did BEG Jason to set up her pool in the backyard last night.... have me strip her down to her undies only to run outside and declare she "didn't feel like it."  She changed her mind and wanted to retreat inside.  Jason gave me a "seriously" look.  I might add that when she stated she wanted to have that pool set up outside I was the one that said, "ask daddy, I'm sure he'd love too."

I would also like to randomly add that Madison told me to "stop freaking out" at dinner last night.  I'm not sure what I was seemingly overly excited about, but that statement from my three year old... well.. freaked me out a little.  I didn't know how to respond so I laughed.  I really need to work on that.

Tyler is slowly transitioning to one nap a day.  I thought I would dread the day that my morning quite time ended (on the days Madison is at school).  However, I have found myself doing things I did with Madison when she was a baby.  I love this alone time with him.  Tyler and I attended story time at the library these past few Thursdays.  He LOVES it.  He runs around and claps and almost seems like a totally different baby.  Oh and they have bubbles!

I got a little annoyed at our last visit though.  Tyler made his way through the crowd to get closer to the bubbles.  He can still be a little unsteady on his feet so he grabbed onto a little girl's head for some balance.  I was RIGHT THERE about to pry his grip from her ears when her mom came flying over and yanked her up causing Tyler to fly to the ground.  She clasped her daughter's head to her chest and gave me the most disgusted look.  (I'm not making this up.. my friend saw her!).  I said, "I'm so sorry" because I didn't know what else to say after that look.  She said.. get this.. "Did you see what happened??!!!  What was he doing to her?!!"  I said "he lost his balance and grabbed on to her.  He was not trying to hurt her!!!"   I wanted to warn her that one day her daughter WILL do something wrong (not that Tyler did..).  I hope she gets that same nasty look she gave me!

This has been a BIG month for Tyler.  He did start walking.  He took a few steps and pretty much had it mastered in a few days.  (Except for the aforementioned balance issues.)  I like that he is up off the ground, but I don't like all the running he has me doing in public!

I kept hearing about Pinterest.  I steered clear of it for a while and then I just couldn't take all the talk and not be able to involve myself.  I jumped on to see what it was all about and OH MY GOODNESS the fun and ideas you can pick up on that place.  It's like taking all the good stuff off blogs and websites and placing it in one cool place and summing it up with a picture.  So I've been pinning.  I try not to spend to much time on it, but the time I do spend I swear it won't be in vein.

So far I have used several yummy recipes.  I served a few at Bunco last week when I hosted.  I also saw this...

The House of Smiths - Home DIY Blog - Interior Decorating Blog - Decorating on

I felt inspiried and did this... 

I found the tall skinny containers at IKEA just like she said and I found the square ones at Target.  The Target ones were more expensive, but I needed the size.

I also found some great projects to do with Madison that I hope to share in the next week or two.

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