Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Because my family thinks I have disappeared...

In reality I can't seem to keep up with anything.  My house, my kids, my sleep, working out.. and oh man don't I know it's just going to get harder.  I think a maid is in order.  I haven't been feeling well.. At. All. This is by far far my worst pregnancy.  I'm almost 12 weeks and I'm really hoping it's a magical week. 

First thing first.  My Mack and Catie welcomed their first baby at the end of August.

Jet McKnight.... I just want to hold him.  They live too far away.  I keep trying to convince everyone to move from GA to Texas.  I'm having a hard time since everyone is there and I am the only one here.

Here they are in the hospital in Georgia texting me... it read: 

Dear Shelby,
We really wish out of everyone YOU could be here.

Here is a picture of Caitlin and her sisters.  The one on the right is Mendy.  She was my college roommate!  I love her, but I hate her too.  She has already held Jet.  :(  Mendy is also pregnant with her third baby.  Her oldest is 8 (mine is three) and her current youngest is almost four (mine is one).  I tell her every time I talk to her how much harder my life it going to be.  She appreciates this.  :)

You know how the IPhone has an insanely annoying spell check?  Well here is a conversation I had with a friend.  This gives me a good chuckle every time I think about it.  I took a pic of it and I read it every so often.  We wanted to go to a children's boutique warehouse sale.  She also has a one year old son.  Our older kids were at dance camp and we were discussing what to do with the babies....

Tyler is not the most steady walker.  He fell twice in one morning and smacked his head on the tile.  In his defense Madison was trying to shove a witches hat on him before the first fall.  The second fall was completely his fault.  If this had been my first child I probably would have dialed 9-1-1.  This being my second child I took a photo to share with friends and Jason.

My witch princess who just returned from Hawaii.

I sewed Madison a skirt for the first day of school.  I paid about $5 for the material and it only took and hour to whip up. 

Sadly she did not wear it the fist day because I thought it was matchy matchy with her new blue apple backpack.

One afternoon Tyler was annoyed with Madison so he leaned over and bit her. 

This ALWAYS happens to me.  I spent what felt like 8 hours at my first OB appointment.  The nurse who works there and draws blood ALL DAY LONG, every day... missed.   She told me that I must not drink enough water.  I walked out looking like this.

Pregnancy cravings?  Yes..

Madison's lunch one day for school...

This was the first day of football games.  The boys were watching football and the girls cooked!

Swim suits I found for on sale for next summer.  I HEART them!

Tyler will ONLY eat if he can feed himself.  That is wonderful and all, but a complete mess for me!  It usually ends up in his hair.

Madison started soccer.  The old me would have taken her outside and taken a dozen pictures.. I gave her a sucker and prayed for a quick shot with my cell phone.  Don't you love the clothes all over the stairs.  Some clean to go up and be put away and some dirty to be taken into the laundry room!

My Love and Logic class taught me about the time timer and it has come in handy.  You turn the dial and to reveal red.  As time ticks away the red disappears.  So if Madison has been eating for thirty minutes (which happens all the time) and we need leave the house in 15 more, I set the timer for ten minutes and that is how long she has to finish up.  It works!!  Another BIG thing we use it for now is naps.  She is three and a half and does just fine with no nap.  However, mama does not.  So I put her in her room and set the timer for one hour.  She can do anything she wants in there as long as she is quiet.  When the red is all gone she can come on downstairs.  She falls asleep most of the time, but if she doesn't it's fine.  I plan for my kids to always have quiet time.  I think it's good for all of us!  I have my had up there trying to show my friend the size.  I had a tiny one that I can't find anywhere!  I figured this one would be hard to loose.

I saw these adorable dishes and couldn't resist.  I love that they have just two compartments.  Most of our dishes have 4 and Madison must have each section with something different.  Sometimes I just want to give the girl pizza and fruit.. you know?  I think that was a big seller for me.  I bought them at Baby Earth.  They are pretty much a website, but their warehouse is really close to my house and they have a store inside the warehouse.  I just love that place!  I went in for ANOTHER car seat and came out with these plates too. Oh and the bowls.  Gotta have matching bowls!

... I don't get it??  Missoni is all the rage.. just don't get it.  This was in my US Weekly style magazine.  I know I'm lacking in the trend department.  Watch me be all into this next year.  Last year I swore I would NEVER wear leggings and this year I have already bought three pair!

My son has an addiction to balloons!

I did not take this photo!  It was taken with a phone.. but cute all the same!  I had a wonderful night out celebrating Emily's birthday.  I missed having some wine, but we had a ball!

We were fortunate enough to go to the beach with some friends a few weeks ago.  We have not been in a few years! I can't believe I'm saying that, but it's been hard since having a second child and not being as close as we were when living in NC.

Poor Tyler sporting a pink life jacket!

He didn't care too much for the sand.  I know he's my child because of that!


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