Sunday, October 23, 2011

Farms and Pumpkin Patches

This past week was a busy week for us!  We just returned home from Disney and I was actually glad to get back to our normal routine.  We had extra fun things planned as well.

First up... Crowe's Nest Farm.  We went last year for the first time.  I seemed to have taken a lot more pictures last year.  I had Tyler in the Bjorn. This year I was chasing down two kids and pushing a most of the time empty stroller!  My how things have changed!

We watched a cow get milk.. again.  Of course neither child remembered it from last year.  They both soaked it in!

Our group is on the front row.  This is my Monday morning playgroup.  Madison was off to the left sitting kind of by herself.  So unlike my child.  I guess the cow was entertainment enough!

I have to say all my photos look really biased.  Most of my pictures are of Tyler.  That is because he is who I am following most of the time.  Madison runs ahead and I don't have to worry much about her.  Tyler on the other hand runs everywhere and worry I must with him!  He LOVES LOVES LOVES animals.  Both my kids do.

I took this one of the few times I was able to catch up to her!

Tyler is telling me all about the chickens..

On Friday we made it back to Sweet Berry Farms.  It wasn't as crazy as last year, but it was work... worth it work!

I snapped this before we left.  It's acually the best picture I got of the two all day!

It was such a bright beautiful day it was hard to get good pictures of the kids.

and a drum roll plese...the BEST most AMAZING group shot of toddlers you will ever see!!


This was the only shot I could get of my two..

Tyler began to melt right after we fed the goats.

I put him in the stroller to huff it to the hayride and he screamed the entire way.  (That is just not like him).  We arrived there and I let him out of the stroller.  He like the animals (including a 2 week old donkey!) but he was still cranky.  I loaded him and Madison on the hayride and I would have pictures, but Tyler and I had to get off.  He was thrashing and screaming and I just wasn't going to put myself or others though that. I gave him a snack in his stroller and that seemed to appease him.  We left right after that!  It really was a good day!  Next year... three kids!!  I can't imagine!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Disney World

We spent this past week at Disney World!  We had big plans to go with Jason's entire family in April.  However, God had his own plans for us.  Since Baby Groff number three will be arriving in April, we had to move our trip up to October and go with just our immediate family.  We scrambled and booked a great vacation.  I'll have to tell you though... "great" started after the first day!  I was really nervous about taking Tyler on an airplane.  He is under two and still qualified as a lap baby.  My lap baby to be exact.  He only wanted my lap.  The flight was okay, but after about an hour into the two hour flight he was DONE being contained.  We had no choice, but to hold him tight.  He was HYSTERICAL.  I was mortified and felt so bad for the people around us.  We began our descent into Orlando and Tyler began to vomit.  It's not like he can say, "hey mom... gonna hurl. You'd better grab a barf bag."  It shot out and poured out all of me, Jason, the seat in front of us and the floor.  Jason jumped up and was quickly told that he HAD to take his seat.  The flight attendant threw napkins and wipes our way.  We landed in a torrential down pour in Florida.  It was the most rain they have had in over a 100 years in one day.  It was unreal! 

Tyler finally just passed out on the bus ride from the airport to the hotel. 

We had to wait almost six hours after we landed for our luggage to be delivered to our room.  Jason took Madison to the Magic Kingdom in the monsoon while I gave Tyler a bath and put him to bed in a diaper until our luggage finally arrived.

The next day it continued to pour.  Thankfully, we had invested in a stroller cover.

The first day we went to Hollywood Studios.  We loved the Toy Story ride and watched a few shows.  I booked our lunch at the Sci-Fi Drive in and it was so cute!  Tyler and I sat in the back seat of a car while Madison and Jason were in the front seat.  Unfortunately, because of all the rain I didn't even take my nice camera to the park.

Day 2 we went to Magic Kingdom.  It was just a short boat ride from our hotel... accross this lake!

Madison and Tyler on the boat... That is the most Tyler sat still on the boat.

We had lunch that day at the Crystal Palace.  The characters were from Winne the Pooh.  Madison liked Eeyore and that was it

She remained under the table for the rest of the characters.

Tyler was curious.

and trapped!

Jason snapped this while I ran Madison to the potty and I just love it.  That sweet genuine smile is all for that sucker!

Tyler eating his sucker and Madison clapping along to the Pooh parade.

The tea cups was one of our first rides.

Magic Carpet ride... (the night before)

One of our favorite things was breakfast at Chef Mickey's.  I HEART this photo.

... and this one I snapped while there.  I just love Madison's real expression and how Tyler is hugging her so tight.

Another morning we had breakfast at the Norwegian Palace in Epcot.  This is with all the princesses.  Three was the perfect age to take Madison.  EVERY princess was THE princess.

Halfway through breakfast they do a princess walk.  All of the girls walk with the princesses through the "palace."  Madison was so shy.. we had such a hard time getting her to go. Can't you tell?  HA HA HA!

Tyler entertained himself by playing peek-a-boo with his napkin.  Or by throwing food, silverware or just about anything he could get his hands on.

This was my attempt to force them to have a picture together.

Cinderella's castle was really Cinderella's castle.  Madison was enamoured!  That was the only park she wanted to go to day after day. 

Tyler was happy to be out of the stroller!

We spent a lot of time doing this... 

One afternoon we happened by the castle and got Madison's picture with Cinderella's wicked stepmother.

The very next day we had lunch in the castle!

Ascending the stairs to the Royal Table.

Madison was given a magic wand... (She looks so angelic in these photos.  However, she was actually turned around playing swords with a little girl off to the right.)

Tyler was given a sword.  I mean really!!!  They loved it, but Jason and I were on the defense the whole meal. 

Tyler spent a large portion of the meal trying to cut his food!

More one on one time with THE princesses!

I loved this trip.  I loved it because of what I saw through Madison's eyes.  I would not trade that trip for anything.  However, I for sure needed a vacation from my vacation when we got home.

Disney made me appreciate car seats!  I spent the entire trip trying to contain Tyler... on the plane, bus, boat, stroller, highchair, lines, rides and so on!  This was Tyler on the ride home from the airport.

... and Madison!

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