Monday, October 3, 2011

How do you explain three year olds playing soccer?

Three year olds playing soccer is...

I'm chasing a ball... oh look there's a butterfly... I'm chasing a butterfly.  It's... I'm running after a bunch of other three year olds that are sort of running after a ball.. Oh look there is a mound of dirt in the middle of the field and I think I'll just drop right here and play in the dirt instead of chasing the ball. 

It's I'm right in the middle of a game and I've had my fill of this sport for the day.. I think I'll just go sit in my moms lap.

Sometimes it's social time!  I know this girl is mine...

Jason is her team's assistant coach and I just love this special time they have together.

Madison's biggest fan is always at her games to cheer her on.

I just know he's thinking... "Get the ball girl!  Be aggressive!  GO BLUE!"

Madison has lots of friends playing soccer.  Unfortunately they did not end up on teams together.  (Madison may or may not be showing just a little bit of 'tude in this picture.)

Catie's uniform is FLORESCENT greenish-yellow and casts a horrible hue on the girls' faces.  B&W is a must!

We will be playing soccer for a few months.  Hopefully I can convince her to play longer than 10 second intervals!

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