Monday, November 28, 2011

Our North Pole Breakfast with "Elfie"

We flew home on Saturday from Georgia so Elfie couldn't come until Sunday. Elfie brought with him a wonderful breakfast for the family.

We read the Elf story the night before so when I got Madison up that morning she flew downstairs looking for her Elf.  It didn't take her long...

Tyler plopped in a chair and seemed really excited.  I took the plates off the table to put food on them.  Tyler took this opportunity to grab the tablecloth and pulled everything off the table.

That got him a one way ticket to his highchair... and a plastic plate.

Elfie brought snow covered donuts and hot chocolate with marshmallows!

I think the kids had so much fun that Elfie will continue to bring breakfast on the morning of his arrival!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey Day, the day before, and the day after...

The day before Thanksgiving Day my mom took Madison and her cousin for a special treat. 

It was not this carousel ride...

It was a trip to the mall in Atlanta to get her first American girl doll.

I got hardly any photos because Madison was tired and sick.  This is how she spent most of the day... in time out.  Look at that pout!  If you said "black," Madison said "white."  I hate it when days aren't what you envision.  However, she loves her new baby doll.

I'm awful!!  I hardly took any photos of Turkey Day!  I started the day off well...

I even took a picture of the beautiful table...

Although I didn't sit there... I sat at the kiddie table with my sister, her husband, and my husband.  We all sat down and my sister's husband, Kris said.."Bad news, we are at the kiddie table... good news, there's wine!" 

Tyler's lunch.. we ate at three and he just couldn't hold out.  Plus he took a little snooze during the meal.

When he woke up he helped his daddy fix the disposal... or try.  HEE HEE!

I also took a few photos of him playing with the ducks.  Madison was off running around with her cousins.

OHHHH and I got to meet my nephew, Jet for the first time.  The day after Thanksgiving I snapped some photos of him.

Jet is the best baby.  He hardly ever fusses and sleeps really well.  AND he loves his Aunt Shelby.

I also took a few for my sister....  Maddie and Austin

They are four and six and have grown so much.  Maddie watched over Tyler for me and was sweet to Madison even when she was in her "mood" at the mall.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Number Three is a.....

Madison went with me to my ultrasound appointment today.  She climbed right up next to me in a chair.  She was in a great mood until the ultrasound tech (whom she referred to as "doctor") announced that baby number three is a BOY!  Madison said.. "NO!  A Girl!!!"  I looked over at her and said "no sweet girl, it's a boy..."  "NO!!  A GIRL!"  Madison was not thrilled.  I asked her as I was buckling her into her car seat what we were going to name this sweet baby boy and she said.. "GIRL!!!"  I said no honey, it's a boy.  She said.. "No.. we will name him "Girl." 

By the time I took these photos I think she was coming around to the idea!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A teepee should not be mistaken for a quesadilla or a sombrero!!!

Today was our preschools Thanksgiving Feast!  Tyler's class made these adorable shirts earlier in the week and they were given to us so the kids could wear them today.  I just love it!  I might put him in it everyday until Thanksgiving!  That boy rocked this T-shirt for me before school today!

The "Feast" for the toddler room was actually a breakfast.  We had muffins, fruit, juice....

and an adorable craft!

I loved how the teachers had the room all set up for the feast.  They normally don't have little tables in the room.  Adorable tablecloths and ....

place mats that the kids made!

Backing back up to this morning before school... I snapped several pictures of Tyler and then asked Madison if she would come smile for me.  She said.. "can I get candy if I do?"  Sure Madison... So she gave me a split second of smiles and then was ready for payment!  I don't mind.. I'll take the sweet smiles even if it is for candy!

Madison's feast was at lunch time.  So Jason met me back up at the school to eat lunch with Madison.

Madison was beyond thrilled to have us there and just kept shrieking with excitement.  I had a hard time getting her to sit still and eat lunch!  She just couldn't contain her excitement and kept squealing and talking to all her friend's moms.  "HI HOUSTON'S MAMA!  HI ANSLEY'S MAMA!!! HI ALEXS' MAMA!!!!!"

On Tuesday of this week I asked Madison what she did at school on the ride home.  She squealed and said with a BIG smile on her face that she made a quesadilla that you wear on your head!!!  I turned and looked at her as she pointed to the top of her head and asked her if she meant a sombrero?!  She gave me a blank stare and said "NO!!! A QUESADILLA!!!"  I faced forward as the light turned green with what I'm sure was a blank stare and assumed she must mean sombrero, but wondered why on earth that would be making sombreros at school so close to Thanksgiving.  Well all this confusion was cleared up as I sat down for my Thanksgiving lunch!!!!

My Little Indian had made a Tee pee out of a tortilla!!!!  I mean how cute is this!!!  I let out a big chuckle and then cracked up even more to think she assumed it was a hat!

This week has not only been a big week for school, but a big week for teeth. 

Tyler fell while in childcare at our gym.  He fell into a big plastic tree house in the childcare area.  The impact was on his bottom four teeth.  I was called out of class because they thought he had busted his lip and there was a lot of bleeding.  I went to the childcare area thinking it was no big deal and knew as soon as I saw him that it was indeed a big deal.  I sat with him for a few minutes trying to assess the situation.  I immediately grabbed my cell and called my dentist.  The bleeding was coming from behind his bottom teeth.  Jason met me at home to get Madison and I drove Tyler to our appointment.  They saw the same thing I did and called for X-rays.  Since I'm pregnant I couldn't hold him for the x-ray.  A nurse had to hold him while another one straddled the chair to do the x-ray.  I was behind the wall while Tyler was screaming and then I heard the nurse say.."OH OH OHHHH!!!"  Tyler had gotten so worked up he vomited!  All over... THEM!!!  The one holding Tyler had to go change clothes while the film processed!!  The other nurse came back in and said.. "you won't believe this, but we are going to have to do it again.  It was too blurry!"  So again the same set up.  This time I heard "OH OH OHHHHH!" ... followed by a bunch of laughing.  I peered around the corner and found the nurse holding Tyler and Tyler sliding out of the top of the dental chair onto the floor while the other nurse was trying to find the button to stop the chair as she is straddled over the two of them.  The chair had malfunctioned and did not stop, but kept going until they slid upside down onto the floor.  At this point all I could do was laugh.  FINALLY.. some clear x-rays.  All FOUR teeth were knocked loose, but there were no fractures.  I took both kids back yesterday for their routine checkups and a followup on Tyler.  Tyler's teeth are still loose, but seem to be firming up.  Thank GOODNESS!!!

Madison received rave reviews on her hygiene.  However, her thumbsucking (click link to see more!!)has done quite a number on her teeth.  The dentist told me it was time to stop.  I feel so bad to put her through this, but I agree that it's the best thing before her permanent teeth come in.  So today after school I painted on her first coat of Mavala given to me by her dentist.  Madison made her first attempt to suck and about threw up.  I heard her gagging and asked her what happened and she looked at me with the most pitiful look and said she put her thumb in her mouth.  We've had a few tears and some whining today, but I'll tell you what.. I underestimated my girl.  She is doing wonderfully.  She has handled it much much better than I thought she would.  (Ask me again in a week though!)  My dentist warned me that this might take several months.  We are committed.. there is no going back. 

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tyler is 18 Months!

Dear Tyler,

You, my sweet boy, are 18 months old.  I always to tell people that I LOVE this age at home, but not in public!  You are fast on your feet and you want nothing more than to explore and manhandle everything!  If we are out in public you always manage to wiggle your way out of my arms.  A stroller is a must!!  You somehow always get your arms out of the stroller straps and only the bottom part keeps you in.  You can stand up while still harnessed in your stroller.  I have to keep one hand on the stroller at all times to make sure you don't flip the whole thing over! 

You LOVE school!  You only go two mornings a week, but you always go in with a big smile on your face.  I never have to worry about you being sad when I leave.  I enjoy reading the little updates the teachers pack in your backpack.  It lets me know your temperament for the day (they always have "HAPPY" checked) and how much lunch you ate.  It also tells me what you enjoyed doing that day.  It's been the slide a lot... or "playing with cars" or art!  Yes you love to color and do art!  I leave the slip out on the counter so daddy can get an update when he gets home from work.  He enjoys this too.

You HEART your sister very much except when she won't share her toys with you.  OR when you are trying to get my attention.  You love to get a reaction out of me by pulling her hair or hitting her.  I've tried time out on you and I've even given your hair a little tug.  You love time out so that is not working for me.  I'm sure you will learn that time out is not where you want to be!  You also like to push other kids.  If they can stand, you push them.  Bigger or smaller, older or younger, it doesn't matter.  I've been mortified a few times.  I know you aren't doing it to be mean.  I think you are just curious.  Hopefully, you will grow out of this soon. 

You have a killer smile and a contagious giggle.  I have a really hard time staying mad at you as soon as you flash me that smile!

By the end of the day I use to be just slap ready to have you and Madison in bed.  I would rush through bath, books, and prayers so I could go take a shower and watch a few shows.  However, these days there is nothing I want more than my time with you after bath.  I dim the lights in your room and read you several books.  You love it.  Before I can close one book you are grunting and pointing at the stack on the table.  It usually only takes me a second to get you settled into rocking on my chest once I turn out the lights.  I'm not one to rock my babies to sleep, but oh how I enjoy this cuddle time with you.  I usually sing "You are My Sunshine," and "Rock-a-bye Baby" several times to you.  I know I can't carry a tune, but you don't seem to mind.  It's always hard to put you down in the crib. 

You enjoyed making Halloween cookies this year.  Let's be honest.. you really enjoyed the icing!

I always, always keep a sucker in my bag.  That is the only way I have found to keep you still for longer than five seconds.  Oh.. and to get you to wear that adorable pumpkin hat! 

Guess what my soon to be middle child?  Two weeks from tomorrow I find out if you are getting a baby brother or a baby sister!  Madison is calling the baby a girl.  I have no idea, but I know God has chosen someone special for you to be a big brother to.  I know you will be amazing!


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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Tyler was having none of this family picture taking.  Jason had just pulled the wagon out of the garage and he wanted nothing more than to sit in that.  Wrestling a 17 (ALMOST 18!!!) month old is no fun 17 weeks pregnant.  So this was our one photo for the night!

Happy as a clam... Let's roll mama!!

I did manage to get a few before Jason pulled the wagon out. 

Kellie came to trick or treat with us since her hubby was out of town.  So that tiny bee is her baby girl, Emily.  We loaded the wagon and headed up the street to see our closest neighbors while Jason stayed behind and handed out candy.

I tried really hard to get Tyler to line up in there.  What can I say?  The boy is not interested in "special requests."

Madison was doing what she does well.. telling him what to do.  Tyler was doing what he does well.. ignoring her... HA HA!

My neighbor has an adorable red bench in her yard.. I thought it would be perfect setting for Strawberry shortcake...  Not my fav of her, but she was off that bench in two seconds.  She was just too excited to sit still.

Tyler and Emily loved it!

My neighbor also had this great blow up pumpkin!  Perfect for my little pumpkin!

We loaded the kids up again to see our neighbors in the other direction.  Madison trick-or-treated along the way.  The babies had suckers so they were content sitting for awhile.

This is Tommy.  Madison just LOVES him!!  He is so good to her!

I thought this little Harry Potter handing out candy was ADORABLE!

We bumped into the Man in the Yellow Hat and his monkey.  This is one of my very good friend's husband and son.  That is a trooper of a dad!! 

George's costume has a little banana sewn onto the side.  Madison thought it was hysterical and just kept chasing him and pulling on the banana.  Jackson would run from her and give her the stink eye.  It was HYSTERICAL!!

We headed back to the house to get Jason and then walked to another good friend's house to trick-or-treat with them.  How cute is spider, AJ?!

AJ's older sister is Madison's good bud, Avery.

Tyler caught on to the whole concept pretty quickly.  I was really surprised that he was so into it!

We had such a fun fun night!!  We might just might need a larger wagon next Halloween with number three!!

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