Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tyler is 18 Months!

Dear Tyler,

You, my sweet boy, are 18 months old.  I always to tell people that I LOVE this age at home, but not in public!  You are fast on your feet and you want nothing more than to explore and manhandle everything!  If we are out in public you always manage to wiggle your way out of my arms.  A stroller is a must!!  You somehow always get your arms out of the stroller straps and only the bottom part keeps you in.  You can stand up while still harnessed in your stroller.  I have to keep one hand on the stroller at all times to make sure you don't flip the whole thing over! 

You LOVE school!  You only go two mornings a week, but you always go in with a big smile on your face.  I never have to worry about you being sad when I leave.  I enjoy reading the little updates the teachers pack in your backpack.  It lets me know your temperament for the day (they always have "HAPPY" checked) and how much lunch you ate.  It also tells me what you enjoyed doing that day.  It's been the slide a lot... or "playing with cars" or art!  Yes you love to color and do art!  I leave the slip out on the counter so daddy can get an update when he gets home from work.  He enjoys this too.

You HEART your sister very much except when she won't share her toys with you.  OR when you are trying to get my attention.  You love to get a reaction out of me by pulling her hair or hitting her.  I've tried time out on you and I've even given your hair a little tug.  You love time out so that is not working for me.  I'm sure you will learn that time out is not where you want to be!  You also like to push other kids.  If they can stand, you push them.  Bigger or smaller, older or younger, it doesn't matter.  I've been mortified a few times.  I know you aren't doing it to be mean.  I think you are just curious.  Hopefully, you will grow out of this soon. 

You have a killer smile and a contagious giggle.  I have a really hard time staying mad at you as soon as you flash me that smile!

By the end of the day I use to be just slap ready to have you and Madison in bed.  I would rush through bath, books, and prayers so I could go take a shower and watch a few shows.  However, these days there is nothing I want more than my time with you after bath.  I dim the lights in your room and read you several books.  You love it.  Before I can close one book you are grunting and pointing at the stack on the table.  It usually only takes me a second to get you settled into rocking on my chest once I turn out the lights.  I'm not one to rock my babies to sleep, but oh how I enjoy this cuddle time with you.  I usually sing "You are My Sunshine," and "Rock-a-bye Baby" several times to you.  I know I can't carry a tune, but you don't seem to mind.  It's always hard to put you down in the crib. 

You enjoyed making Halloween cookies this year.  Let's be honest.. you really enjoyed the icing!

I always, always keep a sucker in my bag.  That is the only way I have found to keep you still for longer than five seconds.  Oh.. and to get you to wear that adorable pumpkin hat! 

Guess what my soon to be middle child?  Two weeks from tomorrow I find out if you are getting a baby brother or a baby sister!  Madison is calling the baby a girl.  I have no idea, but I know God has chosen someone special for you to be a big brother to.  I know you will be amazing!


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