Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Tyler was having none of this family picture taking.  Jason had just pulled the wagon out of the garage and he wanted nothing more than to sit in that.  Wrestling a 17 (ALMOST 18!!!) month old is no fun 17 weeks pregnant.  So this was our one photo for the night!

Happy as a clam... Let's roll mama!!

I did manage to get a few before Jason pulled the wagon out. 

Kellie came to trick or treat with us since her hubby was out of town.  So that tiny bee is her baby girl, Emily.  We loaded the wagon and headed up the street to see our closest neighbors while Jason stayed behind and handed out candy.

I tried really hard to get Tyler to line up in there.  What can I say?  The boy is not interested in "special requests."

Madison was doing what she does well.. telling him what to do.  Tyler was doing what he does well.. ignoring her... HA HA!

My neighbor has an adorable red bench in her yard.. I thought it would be perfect setting for Strawberry shortcake...  Not my fav of her, but she was off that bench in two seconds.  She was just too excited to sit still.

Tyler and Emily loved it!

My neighbor also had this great blow up pumpkin!  Perfect for my little pumpkin!

We loaded the kids up again to see our neighbors in the other direction.  Madison trick-or-treated along the way.  The babies had suckers so they were content sitting for awhile.

This is Tommy.  Madison just LOVES him!!  He is so good to her!

I thought this little Harry Potter handing out candy was ADORABLE!

We bumped into the Man in the Yellow Hat and his monkey.  This is one of my very good friend's husband and son.  That is a trooper of a dad!! 

George's costume has a little banana sewn onto the side.  Madison thought it was hysterical and just kept chasing him and pulling on the banana.  Jackson would run from her and give her the stink eye.  It was HYSTERICAL!!

We headed back to the house to get Jason and then walked to another good friend's house to trick-or-treat with them.  How cute is spider, AJ?!

AJ's older sister is Madison's good bud, Avery.

Tyler caught on to the whole concept pretty quickly.  I was really surprised that he was so into it!

We had such a fun fun night!!  We might just might need a larger wagon next Halloween with number three!!

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