Thursday, November 17, 2011

A teepee should not be mistaken for a quesadilla or a sombrero!!!

Today was our preschools Thanksgiving Feast!  Tyler's class made these adorable shirts earlier in the week and they were given to us so the kids could wear them today.  I just love it!  I might put him in it everyday until Thanksgiving!  That boy rocked this T-shirt for me before school today!

The "Feast" for the toddler room was actually a breakfast.  We had muffins, fruit, juice....

and an adorable craft!

I loved how the teachers had the room all set up for the feast.  They normally don't have little tables in the room.  Adorable tablecloths and ....

place mats that the kids made!

Backing back up to this morning before school... I snapped several pictures of Tyler and then asked Madison if she would come smile for me.  She said.. "can I get candy if I do?"  Sure Madison... So she gave me a split second of smiles and then was ready for payment!  I don't mind.. I'll take the sweet smiles even if it is for candy!

Madison's feast was at lunch time.  So Jason met me back up at the school to eat lunch with Madison.

Madison was beyond thrilled to have us there and just kept shrieking with excitement.  I had a hard time getting her to sit still and eat lunch!  She just couldn't contain her excitement and kept squealing and talking to all her friend's moms.  "HI HOUSTON'S MAMA!  HI ANSLEY'S MAMA!!! HI ALEXS' MAMA!!!!!"

On Tuesday of this week I asked Madison what she did at school on the ride home.  She squealed and said with a BIG smile on her face that she made a quesadilla that you wear on your head!!!  I turned and looked at her as she pointed to the top of her head and asked her if she meant a sombrero?!  She gave me a blank stare and said "NO!!! A QUESADILLA!!!"  I faced forward as the light turned green with what I'm sure was a blank stare and assumed she must mean sombrero, but wondered why on earth that would be making sombreros at school so close to Thanksgiving.  Well all this confusion was cleared up as I sat down for my Thanksgiving lunch!!!!

My Little Indian had made a Tee pee out of a tortilla!!!!  I mean how cute is this!!!  I let out a big chuckle and then cracked up even more to think she assumed it was a hat!

This week has not only been a big week for school, but a big week for teeth. 

Tyler fell while in childcare at our gym.  He fell into a big plastic tree house in the childcare area.  The impact was on his bottom four teeth.  I was called out of class because they thought he had busted his lip and there was a lot of bleeding.  I went to the childcare area thinking it was no big deal and knew as soon as I saw him that it was indeed a big deal.  I sat with him for a few minutes trying to assess the situation.  I immediately grabbed my cell and called my dentist.  The bleeding was coming from behind his bottom teeth.  Jason met me at home to get Madison and I drove Tyler to our appointment.  They saw the same thing I did and called for X-rays.  Since I'm pregnant I couldn't hold him for the x-ray.  A nurse had to hold him while another one straddled the chair to do the x-ray.  I was behind the wall while Tyler was screaming and then I heard the nurse say.."OH OH OHHHH!!!"  Tyler had gotten so worked up he vomited!  All over... THEM!!!  The one holding Tyler had to go change clothes while the film processed!!  The other nurse came back in and said.. "you won't believe this, but we are going to have to do it again.  It was too blurry!"  So again the same set up.  This time I heard "OH OH OHHHHH!" ... followed by a bunch of laughing.  I peered around the corner and found the nurse holding Tyler and Tyler sliding out of the top of the dental chair onto the floor while the other nurse was trying to find the button to stop the chair as she is straddled over the two of them.  The chair had malfunctioned and did not stop, but kept going until they slid upside down onto the floor.  At this point all I could do was laugh.  FINALLY.. some clear x-rays.  All FOUR teeth were knocked loose, but there were no fractures.  I took both kids back yesterday for their routine checkups and a followup on Tyler.  Tyler's teeth are still loose, but seem to be firming up.  Thank GOODNESS!!!

Madison received rave reviews on her hygiene.  However, her thumbsucking (click link to see more!!)has done quite a number on her teeth.  The dentist told me it was time to stop.  I feel so bad to put her through this, but I agree that it's the best thing before her permanent teeth come in.  So today after school I painted on her first coat of Mavala given to me by her dentist.  Madison made her first attempt to suck and about threw up.  I heard her gagging and asked her what happened and she looked at me with the most pitiful look and said she put her thumb in her mouth.  We've had a few tears and some whining today, but I'll tell you what.. I underestimated my girl.  She is doing wonderfully.  She has handled it much much better than I thought she would.  (Ask me again in a week though!)  My dentist warned me that this might take several months.  We are committed.. there is no going back. 

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