Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey Day, the day before, and the day after...

The day before Thanksgiving Day my mom took Madison and her cousin for a special treat. 

It was not this carousel ride...

It was a trip to the mall in Atlanta to get her first American girl doll.

I got hardly any photos because Madison was tired and sick.  This is how she spent most of the day... in time out.  Look at that pout!  If you said "black," Madison said "white."  I hate it when days aren't what you envision.  However, she loves her new baby doll.

I'm awful!!  I hardly took any photos of Turkey Day!  I started the day off well...

I even took a picture of the beautiful table...

Although I didn't sit there... I sat at the kiddie table with my sister, her husband, and my husband.  We all sat down and my sister's husband, Kris said.."Bad news, we are at the kiddie table... good news, there's wine!" 

Tyler's lunch.. we ate at three and he just couldn't hold out.  Plus he took a little snooze during the meal.

When he woke up he helped his daddy fix the disposal... or try.  HEE HEE!

I also took a few photos of him playing with the ducks.  Madison was off running around with her cousins.

OHHHH and I got to meet my nephew, Jet for the first time.  The day after Thanksgiving I snapped some photos of him.

Jet is the best baby.  He hardly ever fusses and sleeps really well.  AND he loves his Aunt Shelby.

I also took a few for my sister....  Maddie and Austin

They are four and six and have grown so much.  Maddie watched over Tyler for me and was sweet to Madison even when she was in her "mood" at the mall.

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