Sunday, December 11, 2011

Preschool Christmas Program

I took this photo of Madison a week or so ago.  I love it so much.  I was talking to her about Santa and her Elf, "Elfie."  Tyler was still sleeping and I took the opportunity to get her picture.

Madison and Tyler's preschool held their Christmas program this past Thursday. It's very short and very very sweet.  Before school I attempted to get their picture together in their little Christmas outfits.

It started off something like this...

with a lot of this mixed in...

and only after a sucker WITH a sucker did I get this...

and finally this... (I promised Madison chocolate)

So I wiped the sweat from my brow and loaded the kids along with the sucker and chocolate into the car to head to school.  (I said a little prayer it would stay off their clothes.  Tyler's sucker color is no mistake.. I dug out the lightest color I could find.)

The Christmas program began with the toddlers and twos. I don't have a zoom lens and so this was the best I could get with my 50 mm.  I zoomed in photoshop and cropped for the rest of the photos.. that's why they look so grainy and blurred.

Tyler LOVES his teachers and I love this moment I caught... (they are singing about baby Jesus.)

I stood up for this picture and he spotted me!!  I quickly sunk back into the pew and prayed he'd stay put!

Sweet boy reached around and gave his teacher a big hug.  She later told me that she faced him forward because she knew I was out there taking photos and figured I'd like them of his face and not the back of his head!

Tyler's class sang three songs and then were quickly ushered back to their rooms to start the day.  So then the threes came out....   Can you spot Madison?!!  :)

I love that girl!

After the threes finished up their three songs they were seated to watch the fours perform.  Madison was too excited that her dad and I were there!

Ohhhh my camera was set so wrong for this shot, but the only one I took of the threes and fours doing one final song together. 

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