Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Walk Through Bethlehem

Our church does an amazing "walk through Bethlehem" every year before Christmas.  This is the first year we attended.  It was wonderful!  We met some friends at church so we could walk through together. 

The kids LOVED the animals... yes.. this is a REAL camel!


When we started the walk we signed in and received a bag of coins.  The kids used the coins to pay for things inside.  Madison gave a coin to make this bracelet.  She also made an ornament, mosaic tile, and a leather bracelet.  There were many other stations, but we couldn't do them all.  Tyler loved all the outside activities, but only wanted to cause trouble inside.  I was exhausted chasing him around.

However, we had to go see baby Jesus before we left.  Madison was amazed!  I have to say it moved me as well.

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