Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Around Here....

I cried "uncle."  I literally did.  I ran to Jason in tears and said, "I cannot do this anymore... I want a van."  I knew exactly what he was thinking as the smile spread across his face.  Two years ago when we bought our last car, the Sequoia, he wanted to get a van.  Madison was two and I was nine months pregnant with Tyler.  I would not hear of it.  If his mouth looked like it was even going to form the letter "v" I would scream, "NO!  I WILL NEVER EVER EVER drive a van!  Never EVER!" 

Check out my new van!!! 

I love it!  I haven't hit the garage once!  I haven't left one parking lot in shame because Madison slammed open her door and smacked the car next to us.  I no longer have to put my mirrors in to pull into the garage.  I don't have to wedge my ever expanding belly in between the garage wall and door to get Tyler out of his car seat.  I. LOVE. IT.   I embrace it and everything this new van says about me.  I am a mom and I am proud of it!

Now that my secret is out I can move on to life these days.. via my cell phone of course...

Tyler is wearing me out with his climbing.  Every time I turn around he is on something or attempting to be on something.

I was putting up dishes when I heard the sweetest giggle.  I looked over and the boy was standing up in his high chair.  Madison never did this.  I am in the process of trying to locate the straps!

(Don't you wanna pinch those chubby thighs?)

This is Madison's first year to take dance.  She started over the summer and loved it so we decided to enroll her for the year.  Her recital is in May and we recently had her costume preview.  You know me.. I was dreaming of fluff and puff and sweet pink costumes when her teacher held up a photo of the three's costumes...

I couldn't help it.  I let out a gasp!  What?!!  Are you serious?  I looked around waiting for another mom, any other mom to say out loud what I was thinking.  No one did!  I tucked my chin down and pulled out my checkbook to prepay for the costume.  I left there sulking.  I talked to anyone that would listen and wondered if I should keep my opinion to myself or voice it.  I just didn't want to look back at Madison's first ballet recital and have this costume in my memory!!  I must not have been the only appalled mom because at the next practice the teacher called in the moms and said there was some upset over the costume so they changed it!!!  It is pink and fluffy and full of puff!  I'll save the picture for when she's actually wearing it!  WHEW! 

Tyler loves to play in the trash can.  He also loves to push it around the kitchen.

Sometimes I have to set the table for five instead of four.  Madison's baby doll needs dinner too!

My girl has style!

Tyler was so sick last week!  I took this in the waiting room at the doctor's office. 

Updates for dad...

He fell back asleep an hour after he woke up one morning with a good fever.

A nice warm bath made him feel better...

Tyler is well now.  We took a trip to NC to visit family this past weekend.  I only wish I actually pulled my camera out.  We left Texas and it was seventy something.  We arrived in NC and it was FREEZING.  We only left Jason's sister's house once the whole weekend!   The trip home was long and included a plane change and mechanical problems that left us parked at the gate for an hour and a half!!!  I wanted to be ANYWHERE, but sitting on the plane with my tired babies.  The trip was worth it, but I'm always thankful for car seats.

Oh.. and "Happy Birthday" to Madison's sweet friend Avery!

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