Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week 26 and a half!

Dear Baby,

I did it again!  I let half a week pass by before I took a belly picture.  At least I'm consistently late and it's a true four week comparison.  I guess I'll have to stick to this schedule now.  You are moving so so much!  I love every single kick you give.  You are most active when I am at rest.  Madison seems to notice your growth as much as I do!  She's always telling me how big you are getting.  Of course your big brother Tyler is oblivious.  He does appreciate the booster seat you provide when we are sitting together on the couch.  I can't say you or I love that!  Your daddy and I named you Christmas day.  In the middle of all the chaos we agreed on a first and middle.  That in itself is a miracle!  Madison is now calling you "Will."  I love that name too, but that is not you!  We will keep your name a secret until your birthday.  Poor big sister Madison will have to wait until then too because that girl can't keep a secret! 


Christmas Eve - 25 Weeks Pregnant ...  Next year I'll be making room for one more on my lap and I can't wait!

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