Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Real Moments...

My day started out no so great.  I brewed the perfect cup of coffee.  I added the perfect amount of milk and sugar.  I took a few sips and had to sit it down because Tyler was wailing for apple juice.  I grabbed his sippy cup, took the lid off and sat it next to my coffee cup.  I grabbed the huge jug out of the fridge while my not so patient almost two year old screamed "APPLE JUICE" louder and louder.  I opened the top and poured it directly into my coffee cup .... UGH!

Please help me end my day better!!  I submitted one of my favorite moments I caught of my kids for a chance to win a photo session with Heather Walker Photography!!  This would be just in time for baby number three if I won!!! Please please PUH-LEASE!!! vote for my photo!!  Here is the LINK!

Madison teaching Tyler how to play "Patty Cake."

...So to continue on with taking photos of everyday life I grabbed my camera on the way out the door to meet some friends at the park.  Today was sunny and in the 70's... PERFECT!

This is Bennett... one of Tyler's good friends... I HEART his blue blue eyes!!

... and AJ.. another good friend.. I heart this pout!  Two seconds after I took this photo Tyler ran up and shoved him.  I gasped, but thankfully they both walked away snickering... (Tyler more than AJ though).

"Real" moments don't always mean good moments.  Tyler was swatting at me because I wouldn't keep lifting him up the fireman pole.  Being 33 weeks pregnant there is only so much lifting I can do...  I stood my ground.  I am the boss after all.

Madison was a little feisty herself.  She wanted me to go grab a bucket left in the gravel and put it up.

Thankfully most of our good moments outweigh the bad.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be Inspired continued....

Continued from this post.
Madison rarely falls asleep during her quiet time anymore.  I set her time timer for an hour and a half or two hours (depending on the day) and she plays quietly in her bed.  She does indeed sleep with all of these treasures at night and plays with them during her quiet time.  I leave her door cracked so when the time is up she can come find me.  This particular afternoon it was very quiet in there so I took a peek.  Sweet sweet girl...

This is what an older sister will get you!!  Madison had just gone potty and Tyler just HAD to take a turn.  I'm not sure he's connected what the point of sitting on the potty is.... but if big sister does it then so MUST he!

We were at a birthday party and Madison was having so much fun on this rainbow mat.  This is also where I captured the picture for her Valentine card!  I love that sweet sweet REAL smile!

And what was Tyler up to??....

Ha ha ha!!  He was doing a little more than that too!


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

With Love...

I made these cards with free downloads from Florabella and I printed them for free at CVS!  I only printed them yesterday to include with small teacher gifts at Madison and Tyler's school.  I wish I had thought ahead and mailed them out to family.  Instead I sent them via e-mail which works too I guess!  Would you believe I took that picture of Madison on the floor of a gym?  We were at a birthday party and they had a rainbow mat laid out.  She picked pink and laid on it.  I stood over her and grabbed that shot!

I was very pleased with Madison's Valentines.  I found them via Pinterest.. the download was FREE!  I had the paper for scrapbooking so I printed and cut them out.  I bought the little stickers and had her decorate them.  I added the sucker and wiggle eyes.  (The candles were for the teachers of course!)

I also got this idea via pinterest.  However, the idea was to include swedish fish.  I wouldn't let Tyler eat swedish fish and I'm guessing the other parents in his toddlers class wouldn't either.  So I opted for goldfish.  I think it turned out just as cute and very age appropriate!

I tried to come up with a bunch of fun crafts during February for the kids to make it special.  I really have fun with Valentine's Day.  I think it's one of my favorite times of the year especially since having kids. 

I found this craft on a mommy blog via "2 Teaching Mommies."  You paint tissue paper onto card stock with vinegar.  You peel off the paper and it leaves behind a watercolor look and then the kids can decorate them with stickers or whatever.  They turned out really cute.

Jason took Tyler to get his hair cut while I was doing a lot of the crafts with Madison.  It's hard with a two year old boy to paint!  When Tyler BURST through the garage door and found us painting that was it.  He HAD to paint too and I'll tell you... it's a two adult job to help this guy paint.  One of us was on standby with wipes and the other was on standby to make sure paint stayed on the paper.

We made cupcakes... (post a soccer game!) 

Tyler ate cupcakes!  I took this with my phone to capture the bump on his head.  He was running (shocker) across the room and slipped on the tile.

We decorated cookies with friends... Madison's cracked me up.  I turned my head for a second while she had the pink sprinkles....

Tyler ate cookies... (see the pink stain around his mouth?)


I dressed the kids Valentinie (is that a word?) for church...  (the difference between boys and girls.. HA!)

Notice Jason's hand keeping Tyler put??

I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast... (pics for daddy via phone)

WHEW!!!  And I'm about to go get them loaded with sugar from school!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tyler - 21 Months

Oh Tyler!!! He does.. he runs every where. He doesn't slow down.  Tyler's favorite past time these days is to whack his sister.  He looks for my reaction and takes off running and giggling.  I snatch him up and I throw him in time out.  He comes out and goes right back at it.  I have to say how proud I am of Madison.  She just kind of whimpers and looks at me for help.  He also loves to yank her hair out and hand it to me.  I swear if I were her I'd hit back, but she doesn't and I am so proud!!  I know he's doing it for my reaction.  It's frustrating because I have to react.. or Madison will have no hair left. 

Every day that Tyler has school a note is sent home.  It details his day.  There is a comment section and normally his teacher writes, "Tyler had a great day!  He loved playing with X and he loved all over X today!"  Well on Tuesday the note said, "Tyler hit a lot today and spent a lot of time in time out which he did not like.   He was a lot better after lunch."  My heart sank.  I know it's a phase and we'll get through it, but oh my goodness boy! :)

Tyler is the life of the party.  If Tyler could talk sentences he would say.. "Go Big or Go HOME!" 

I love this photo.. It's for sure not my best.  There's a shadow and bright afternoon sun.  It's hard to see on this blog, but here is what I love about it....

He's got snot running clear down to his lip.  He has a scratch on the end of his nose.  He was running at school and fell and got carpet burn.  His shirt is filthy, but this is my little boy.  This is what he typically looks like!!  He's a mess, but such a sweet mess!

It won't be long now.. in just a few short months he'll be two.  I can't believe his baby brother will be here in time to celebrate his birthday!!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Father Daughter Dance

Madison and Jason had a big date Friday night.  They went to our church's annual Father Daughter Dance.  I think it's such an amazing thing that our church hosts.  I think it's so important for little girls to spend time with just their daddies in this way. 

Of course I had to mark the occasion with some photos....

We walked up the street to get photos on our neighbors red bench.  It's such a cute little bench she has in her yard.  We had to stop real quick for Jason to give Madison her corsage.  I love this shot because Tyler had just gotten up from his nap.  He was eating a snack and watching all this with such curiosity.

Madison was so excited about their date!  Can't you just see it in her eyes??

Might I add it was HOT and muggy.. in February?!!

My hubby cleans up so nice!  :)

Not much room in my lap for Madison!

Jason and Madison went to dinner with a few other "couples" and then headed to the dance.  I had a special date with my little man.  Tyler and I went for Mexican.  He was a stinker.  He entertained himself by casually dropping items in between his chair and mine.  I would lean over to pick it up and he would grab my hair and squeal and giggle as I sat there hunched over trying to pry his fingers from my hair.  I caught on after about the third time.  I swear I wouldn't have done it the second if I wasn't pregnant.  It takes me a little longer these days to catch on...! 

Madison arrived home with a special goodie bag from the dance.  She ran in the house screaming "Honey... HONEY!!!"  (She still calls me and Jason that sometimes.... it cracks me up!)  She was giggling and showing me the treasures in her bag and told me all about her date with daddy. 

This is a picture from last year.. Before they left Jason said.. "Just think she was in diapers last year!"  My how she has grown!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

30 Weeks...

A look back...

Dear Baby,

Less than 10 weeks to go.  I think this was a big month of growth.  I'm actually feeling pretty good.  I can't complain... yet!  I know it will come.  I can't wait to meet you, but at the same time I'm trying not to wish away the rest of this pregnancy.  I'm not sure I'm ready for the sleepless nights mixed with days of juggling three under four!  I know we'll figure it out though. 

I'll tell you who is very ready for your arrival.. big sister.  She can't stop talking about how she is going to snuggle with you.  She is very excited to give you a bottle too. 

She knows you are due to arrive near her birthday.  I think you are going to be one very special present!