Monday, February 6, 2012

Father Daughter Dance

Madison and Jason had a big date Friday night.  They went to our church's annual Father Daughter Dance.  I think it's such an amazing thing that our church hosts.  I think it's so important for little girls to spend time with just their daddies in this way. 

Of course I had to mark the occasion with some photos....

We walked up the street to get photos on our neighbors red bench.  It's such a cute little bench she has in her yard.  We had to stop real quick for Jason to give Madison her corsage.  I love this shot because Tyler had just gotten up from his nap.  He was eating a snack and watching all this with such curiosity.

Madison was so excited about their date!  Can't you just see it in her eyes??

Might I add it was HOT and muggy.. in February?!!

My hubby cleans up so nice!  :)

Not much room in my lap for Madison!

Jason and Madison went to dinner with a few other "couples" and then headed to the dance.  I had a special date with my little man.  Tyler and I went for Mexican.  He was a stinker.  He entertained himself by casually dropping items in between his chair and mine.  I would lean over to pick it up and he would grab my hair and squeal and giggle as I sat there hunched over trying to pry his fingers from my hair.  I caught on after about the third time.  I swear I wouldn't have done it the second if I wasn't pregnant.  It takes me a little longer these days to catch on...! 

Madison arrived home with a special goodie bag from the dance.  She ran in the house screaming "Honey... HONEY!!!"  (She still calls me and Jason that sometimes.... it cracks me up!)  She was giggling and showing me the treasures in her bag and told me all about her date with daddy. 

This is a picture from last year.. Before they left Jason said.. "Just think she was in diapers last year!"  My how she has grown!

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