Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Real Moments...

My day started out no so great.  I brewed the perfect cup of coffee.  I added the perfect amount of milk and sugar.  I took a few sips and had to sit it down because Tyler was wailing for apple juice.  I grabbed his sippy cup, took the lid off and sat it next to my coffee cup.  I grabbed the huge jug out of the fridge while my not so patient almost two year old screamed "APPLE JUICE" louder and louder.  I opened the top and poured it directly into my coffee cup .... UGH!

Please help me end my day better!!  I submitted one of my favorite moments I caught of my kids for a chance to win a photo session with Heather Walker Photography!!  This would be just in time for baby number three if I won!!! Please please PUH-LEASE!!! vote for my photo!!  Here is the LINK!

Madison teaching Tyler how to play "Patty Cake."

...So to continue on with taking photos of everyday life I grabbed my camera on the way out the door to meet some friends at the park.  Today was sunny and in the 70's... PERFECT!

This is Bennett... one of Tyler's good friends... I HEART his blue blue eyes!!

... and AJ.. another good friend.. I heart this pout!  Two seconds after I took this photo Tyler ran up and shoved him.  I gasped, but thankfully they both walked away snickering... (Tyler more than AJ though).

"Real" moments don't always mean good moments.  Tyler was swatting at me because I wouldn't keep lifting him up the fireman pole.  Being 33 weeks pregnant there is only so much lifting I can do...  I stood my ground.  I am the boss after all.

Madison was a little feisty herself.  She wanted me to go grab a bucket left in the gravel and put it up.

Thankfully most of our good moments outweigh the bad.

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