Tuesday, February 14, 2012

With Love...

I made these cards with free downloads from Florabella and I printed them for free at CVS!  I only printed them yesterday to include with small teacher gifts at Madison and Tyler's school.  I wish I had thought ahead and mailed them out to family.  Instead I sent them via e-mail which works too I guess!  Would you believe I took that picture of Madison on the floor of a gym?  We were at a birthday party and they had a rainbow mat laid out.  She picked pink and laid on it.  I stood over her and grabbed that shot!

I was very pleased with Madison's Valentines.  I found them via Pinterest.. the download was FREE!  I had the paper for scrapbooking so I printed and cut them out.  I bought the little stickers and had her decorate them.  I added the sucker and wiggle eyes.  (The candles were for the teachers of course!)

I also got this idea via pinterest.  However, the idea was to include swedish fish.  I wouldn't let Tyler eat swedish fish and I'm guessing the other parents in his toddlers class wouldn't either.  So I opted for goldfish.  I think it turned out just as cute and very age appropriate!

I tried to come up with a bunch of fun crafts during February for the kids to make it special.  I really have fun with Valentine's Day.  I think it's one of my favorite times of the year especially since having kids. 

I found this craft on a mommy blog via "2 Teaching Mommies."  You paint tissue paper onto card stock with vinegar.  You peel off the paper and it leaves behind a watercolor look and then the kids can decorate them with stickers or whatever.  They turned out really cute.

Jason took Tyler to get his hair cut while I was doing a lot of the crafts with Madison.  It's hard with a two year old boy to paint!  When Tyler BURST through the garage door and found us painting that was it.  He HAD to paint too and I'll tell you... it's a two adult job to help this guy paint.  One of us was on standby with wipes and the other was on standby to make sure paint stayed on the paper.

We made cupcakes... (post a soccer game!) 

Tyler ate cupcakes!  I took this with my phone to capture the bump on his head.  He was running (shocker) across the room and slipped on the tile.

We decorated cookies with friends... Madison's cracked me up.  I turned my head for a second while she had the pink sprinkles....

Tyler ate cookies... (see the pink stain around his mouth?)


I dressed the kids Valentinie (is that a word?) for church...  (the difference between boys and girls.. HA!)

Notice Jason's hand keeping Tyler put??

I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast... (pics for daddy via phone)

WHEW!!!  And I'm about to go get them loaded with sugar from school!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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