Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Callan's Homecoming

The day before Callan was due to come home the second time the nurse told me that she had noticed some labored breathing though out the day.  She notified the doctor and a sleep study was ordered for that night.  They hooked Callan up to yet another monitor and it produced a twelve hour printout for review the next morning.  I had to wait for it to be read before we would know rather or not Callan was going to be sent home.  I called my nurse that afternoon to let her know that I would be there for the next feeding.  She told me that the study had been read and she was 99% sure they were going to send him home, but she couldn't give me the official word.  So I told Jason the news and waited on the doctor to call.  She finally did and we were told we could come get him at any time!!

My girlfriends had contacted Jason to tell him that they wanted to give Callan a proper homecoming.  I had no idea they were planning such a surprise.  They managed to pull this off in the one hour notice they were given. 

I remember riding home that day with Callan and Jason from the hospital wishing I could capture Madison and Tyler meeting their baby brother for the first time.  I decided that it was more important for me to be in the moment than worry about taking pictures.  Well little did I know that was going to be taken care of too.

You can see the shock and gratitude on my face in one of the pictures.  Most of my friends left before we got home to give us the intimacy of the moment.  Heather stayed to capture the memories for me.  (Make sure you have sound on because she couldn't have put the pictures to a better song.  I sing this to all my babies.)

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