Thursday, April 19, 2012

Princess Madison

Happy Birthday TODAY to my sweet girl!!!  She's a lot sweet, but she's a little sour sometimes too.  I'm learning that goes along with four!!

I planned to have Madison's party way early before Callan arrived.. We celebrated with her sweet friends March 31st.  My thought was that I would rather be WAY pregnant than have a newborn.  Well things just never goes as planned and her party ended up being two weeks after Callan arrived.  I was tired this day on so many levels, but celebrating my daughter turning four was just what I needed that day.  It's funny how things work out.


You are so very outgoing.  Every one loves to comment that you are NOT SHY!  I love it!  You are VERY dramatic!  If you ever get hurt you fuss and put on a little show.  You dry your eyes very quickly and if anyone else walks in the room you will cry all over again and tell them about your boo boo!  You light up a room with your smile!  You love to laugh.  You love your friends.  You love to have company over to your house.  You love your little brother, Tyler, as long as he isn't in your things.  You love your baby baby brother, Callan. I love how you hold him and call him "sweetheart!" You love all things girly.  You love to dress up and put on makeup.  You love to have "girls only" outings with me.  (I so hope you never outgrow that!)  You LOVE your daddy.  You have become a little sassy.  I think you are testing your boundaries and I'm working hard to keep them in place.  I love that when I ask you to grab a diaper or a paci you do!  I love that you know how to unlock the back door and let the dog out!  I love that you have turned into a little helper.  Oh and don't worry.. if you don't feel like letting the dog out or grabbing me a diaper.. you don't! 

Happy Happy fourth birthday Madison!


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