Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tyler Turns Two!

Tyler turned two on May 6th.  I had decided beforehand that I would not have a party for him this year.  I thought we'd do a quiet little celebration at home.  Then I decided we'd have a few of our play date friend's families over for hot dogs on that actual day.. which happened to be a Sunday.  I swore I wasn't going to go all out.  We'd just throw some food on a table and sing "Happy Birthday."  The decision was so last minute that I had to use an Evite... (GASP!)  The only age appropriate one I could find had a construction theme.  Tyler LOVES trucks so I thought I would carry that theme through with his cake.  That is where the "simple" ended and the "all out" began. 

I put in "construction party" on pinterest and my little brain started churning.  I talked myself into doing more.  Tyler would only be two once after all.  All the kids would need something to do at the party.... the next thing you know my backyard looked like this!!!

The party was a supper party.  We had to wake Tyler from his nap and he was not happy.  Not even with his milk and lovey.  I wanted so badly to get a picture of him with his construction hat and tool belt.  I got his dump truck shirt off etsy from this seller.

Enter Madison...  (she's also wearing her purse around her neck so it's covering her belt... what can I say.. the girl loves accessories.)

I got the tool belt idea off of pinterest.  You buy Home Depot kid belts for .77 cents each and sew felt from Hobby Lobby over the logo.  You can find all the details on the Ivy Cottage Blog.  It only took me an hour to cut, sew and paint 15 tool belts.  I found the construction hats by the dozen and added a "thanks for getting dirty at Tyler's 2nd birthday" circle sticker to the hat.  A sweet friend gave Tyler his own special hat.. it even had his name on the back! 

I also tucked a cookie in the tool belts.  (Little dump trucks)

The kids loved the sand table.. (also found on pinterest!)  I already had the totes and sand in the garage!

It was a big hit with all the kids.

Of course the jump house was too.

We already had the truck.  A gift from my sister last year.  Tyler had not yet taken it out of the house!  I used it for the utensils.

I found this adorable construction fabric on Etsy.  I was going to cut it down the middle and use it as table runners.  I liked it so much I didn't want to cut it.  So I used it on the food table and I plan to make something for the boys with it.

I mean... hello cuteness!

Jason was going to grill hot dogs but I knew I was going to need his help during the party. 

 So I found this crock pot hot dog recipe on Pinterest.  I was nervous to try it out for the first time at a party.. but these were our closest friends so I figured if it was bad they would forgive me.  Let me tell you... they were delicious!!!  We just sat the crock pot right on the table!!  I got Mac-n-cheese from Pokey Joes, chips and a few fruit trays and voila.. supper!

Callan got snuggles from lots of friends...

Tyler and his buddy Bennett.  They always always wrestle or slap each other.. but they do it laughing!  They are a hoot to watch.  They are only a month apart.

Silly Bennett...

Cake time...

Tyler would take a bite off his plate and then help himself to Ava's cake.  (sitting next to him).  She was not having it.  She lost her cool and whacked him.  Then she finally got up and moved.... carried her cake with her. 

The whole family!

Like last year we lined up the kids that are Tyler's age...  (notice they all have a truck?)

Then we invited the older kids... that was a little tougher!

Madison and Tyler had a great time playing with the balloons after everyone left.  The party really was an easy party and very laid back.  We all enjoyed ourselves.

Dear Tyler,

I cannot believe another year has passed.  You are a spunky outgoing sweet thing!  You love your mama.  You want my lap at all times.  You have a hard time giving it up to Callan.  You don't like sharing me, but with that being said you do love your baby brother.   You love to do everything your sister is doing.  I giggle out loud when I see her walk by and two seconds later your are walking by too.  You follow her around and sometimes echo what she is saying!  You do what she says which is a good thing because that girl likes to boss you around!  However, you do your own thing too and have no problem telling her or anyone else for that matter, "no."  You LOVE to play with cars and trains.  I love it when you hear a train and shout "CHOO CHOO!!!"  When you see a pirate you say "ARRRRRGGG!"  You still LOVE milk.  You would choose milk over cake.  In fact, I think you would choose milk over me!!!  You dance when I'm pouring it in your cup!  The doctor guesses you are going to be around 6 foot 2 when you grown up!  YAY!!!  You are in the 95% for height and 90% for weight.  You still sleep in a crib and you fight your naps and bedtime.  We lost your lovey for a few days and your dad and I TORE UP THE HOUSE looking for it because you could not fall asleep without it.. (at least not quietly!)  We finally found it behind a table in the media room.  I guess you left it there while playing hide and go seek.. (a favorite game of  yours and Madison's)  I want to keep you little forever.. this is going by too fast.  But I can't wait to see who you become.. because I know you are going to be something special!


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