Friday, June 22, 2012

Callan - Three months old and his Baptism

My sweet baby was baptized this past Sunday on Father's Day.  Tyler was baptized on father's day two years ago.  We were fortunate enough to have Jason's sister and her family here both times.

This photo was the best out of the 5000 we took!  It takes a miracle to accomplish this adorable picture!  (Madison - age 4, Alston - age 8, baby Callan - one day shy of three months, Parker - 4 next month, Tyler - age 2)

Callan wore the same shoes Tyler did, but with his own monogram.  I did buy him his own baptism bubble.  Tyler was six weeks old when we baptized him so I needed a bigger size.  Plus, Callan will wear most of Tyler's clothes so I want him to have a few special outfits of his own for keepsakes.

We baptized Callan in the contemporary service.  I usually opt for the traditional because I like the formality.  However, we attend the contemporary and I decided that is where we belonged that morning.  We sat on the front row and I handed off my camera to my SIL.  She had a hard time getting pictures because I only brought my 50mm.  If I look a little annoyed in this photo it's because Madison was lifting up my dress.  Thank goodness I opted to leave Tyler in Sunday school.  I can only imagine the show we would have put on if I had brought him too!

Madison held the water for Reverand Adkins.  I love how he included her.  (I was thrilled she had a job so she would leave my dress alone... HA HAA!)

This photo warms my heart.

After we went out to lunch.  I was so nervous to take all three kids, but they did great.  Ty was a little fussy because they were slow bringing his milk!

At three months old Callan has mastered...

his big grin!

He's holding his head up very well.

I think he's going to have dark eyes like me and Madison.  I'm leaning toward fairer skin as well.  (He'll get that from me too.. sorry kids!)  He does have the dimples and eyelashes like his siblings though.

... and my cell photos of life from two to three months..

His sweet sitter, Kathleen, sent me this one.. (she's so good to him!)

Tyler still holds his hand.

My big helper.. (Sorry for the pink rag Callan!)

Big cousin, Alston.  He couldn't get enough of Callan.

One afternoon I needed to do a few things on the computer.  Madison said she would "baby sit" for me.  We agreed on a rate of one sucker.  (The mystery flavor).  I told her I would "pay" her after she finished her job.  I snuck over to her door to take this picture. Priceless.   

She got every baby toy she could find and put them on her bed.  I love how she put her pink blanket on him too.  A real live doll.

... and finally Tyler and Callan.  He loves his brother.

.. and I know Callan loves them.

AND.. to Jason...  Callan made you a daddy to three.  God could not have blessed him with a better father.  You are everything I could ever ask for in a father to my children.  Thank you for who you are and all you do for them and for me.

Happy Father's Day!

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