Friday, June 15, 2012

Madison's First Dance Recital

Madison's dance recital was about a week ago.  We got a sitter to keep the boys so we could enjoy the show.  Jason came home a little early and picked her up flowers on the way.

 I did a full face of make up on her for the first time.  She LOVED it!  I think I went a little more simple than the recital make up instructions asked for.. I just have a hard time putting a ton on my four year old.  She loved it so much she sat very still for me.  She has long long eyelashes thanks to her dad so that was hard for me.  They were like little spider legs!  It was somewhat of a mess!  I'm so jealous of them though!

She looks so grown up all of a sudden! 

I think this dress looks a little like a barbie dress, but much better than the dinosaur she was supposed to wear!

We arrived in time to watch the older girls perform an Alice in Wonderland ballet.  The entire time Madison sat in my lap and kept asking.. "what are they doing, mama?  What are they DOING??!"  It's so neat to see things through her eyes.  She's never seen a ballet so she had a valid question! 

After the ballet Madison's group rushed to the green room.  You can see the nerves of these sweet four and five year olds!

I applied a little more lipstick to her lips and then rushed back to my seat.  They danced to "The Candy Man."  She is the second from the left closest to the teacher waving.  During her performance she put her hands up over her eyes like she was shielding the sun.  I looked at Jason an wondered what in the world she was doing.  All of a sudden she broke into a huge grin and started waving at us!  She was searching for us in the audience!  I loved it and the audience broke out in laughter. 

We left after her performance and took her to dinner in downtown Round Rock.  We took her to a nice "adult" restaurant.  It was well after her bedtime and she was tired.  While we waited on dinner to arrive I ran outside with her to grab a few more photos.  She wasn't really interested but after I begged her she gave me a few.  I think her costume looks like a barbie dress!

Jason snapped this one..

She was DONE at this point..  (I was a little sad... )

Jason did get this with my cell inside the restaurant.  I'll take it!

I should go easy on her.. she was so tired... She put her head in my lap and didn't eat but a bite of dinner.

I love the back of the dress too.. this was walking to the car after dinner.

I took these with my cell the day of the recital.. Tyler had post pool, post nap, bad bed head!  I love this!!!

Waiting for her turn to practice..

Love you baby girl!  I get a big smile just looking at these pictures!

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