Thursday, June 28, 2012

Madison's Second Big Girl Room

Since Madison had to move rooms to allow for baby number three I changed her paint color.  She had the vibrant green in her nursery and then in her first big girl room.  I was tired of it and thought she could use a little change.  I opted for a very soft pink and I love how it turned out. 

I begged Jason to allow me to put a chandilere in her new room.  We live in Texas and his argument was that it gets hot... I argued that she was my only girl out of three and to please let me make her room as girly as possible!  He caved...

This is the other antique cane chair.  One is in Tyler's room and the other is here.  They both use to reside in the guest room.  Since I no longer have a guest room I needed to split them up for space reasons.  I love those chairs!

Notice the clock above her mirror?  That is her time timer we use for "rest time" ever since she outgrew her nap. 

Madison and Cinderella at Disney World this past October!

Madison's birth plate from Aunt Lori.

I got the monogrammed lamp for her nursery and carried it on into her big girl room.  Another new addition is the headboards.  I waited TWO YEARS on them!  I could never find "the ones" until these came out in Pottery Barn Kids this past year.  As soon as I saw them I knew they were the ones.  The delivery guy knocked on my front door one day in March right after Callan was born.  I answered the door with both Madison and Tyler in tow.  He looked at them and then back at me and said.. "you know these are white right?"  I just burst out laughing.  I must be crazy!!

The whole reason we moved Madison was so she would have her very own bathroom!  We knew she would not be able to share one with Tyler in the long run.  Callan now has that priviledge!

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