Saturday, July 28, 2012


My sweet sweet boy.  He is so loving and happy.  Whenever there is a problem with his behavior it's usually a misunderstanding.  These "misunderstandings" have increased since he turned two.  Tyler has a vocabulary, however, most of the time he grunts instead of using his words.  He strings some words together... more milk, all done, apple juice, up please, etc. but for the most part his initial instinct is to grunt.  I can usually decipher his grunting, but his sister and friends can't and this can cause an all out war.  I took him before he turned two for a speech evaluation and they deemed him "average" and sent us on our way.  I kept thinking he would improve and his words would one day flow.  Instead, Tyler is frustrated.

We had another speech evaluation done this past week.  He is still above average in receptive language (she said he had skills of a three year old.. yay Tyler), but his verbal needs help.  Tyler will have speech therapy twice a week for an undetermined amount of time.  The speech therapist felt that he wouldn't need it long though.  I think a huge part of the sessions is to teach me how to draw his language out.  I now spend my days talking up every single thing we do. 

Tyler: grunts "uhhhh uhhhh" ... while pointing at the baby swing
Me: "Tyler, you want to swing baby?"
Tyler: "uh HUH" .. his affirmation
Me: In all the sing song voice I can muster...  "Ok Tyler, say swing baby!"
Tyler: "shing baBY!"
Me: "Good JOB, TYLER!!!  GOOD JOB using your words!" and then I let him swing the baby. 

It's exhausting and by then end of the day when Jason comes home and I'm still doing it, I feel silly.  I really don't care though.  It's what he needs and we will have him talking soon I hope! 

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