Monday, July 2, 2012

Insta Monday


Our Life.. via Instagram.  I hope to keep up with this on a weekly basis.  So much of our lives are captured this way.  I don't want to forget these daily moments so here is a few months worth!

Snack time..

Madison locked us out of the house.  She locked Callan in and all of us out!  Jason had to come home from work and let us back in.  At first he told me we would have to wait a while.  He canceled a meeting when I explained that Callan was in the house.  When I asked Madison why she locked us out she told me she wanted to us to stay outside.  Mission accomplished my sweet girl.

It was so nice this spring we spent a lot of time playing in the backyard.

Madison was running a fever so I pulled out a special treat.. Rainbow rice.  I had been saving it for a special day.

Madison relaxing on top of Tyler while she should have been playing soccer.

Madison getting ready for a Derby party!

A day on the lake with friends.. adults only!

Lots of laughter that day!

Madison was supposed to be napping.. she came screeching out of her room that the snowcone truck was stopped right in front of our house.. It was.  How could I say no?

Monkey see monkey do.. Tyler huddled up for a talk with Madison's soccer team.

Sweet Tyler and those eyelashes!

Pool playdate with a long time buddy.

Wanting a closer look at "the baby"

Another mowing Saturday

My first long morning run post baby Callan.  I stopped to take in the view.

Celebrating a friend's baby.

Pool time with a friend...

Swim lesson time... Madison...




Naptime happenings.. Madison pretending to be Fancy Nancy.  See.. quiet time is good for them too!

Playtime with mom..

My lunch date..

An adorable frog themed splash pad birthday party!

Counting down her cousin's arrival! Four days!

A night out for the adults.. (Jason's sister!  Yes we look more alike then they do!)

We dined with Lyle Lovett!!!

at La Condessa downtown Austin...

Boating with the cousins...

My toaster oven caught on fire...

Another night out downtown Austin!

Dressing herself during nap again!  She came down the stairs with her head in the armhole and told me she was a gnome.  Nana made her this sweet dress!

School work with mom!

My third baby got a much needed new bouncer!

Happy Birthday Jason!!!

I kept mommy up allll night, but my sweet smile makes up for it!

It's the small things in life that make this four  year old happy...sunglasses and a sucker.  We are working on getting her to buckle herself up in the carseat.  (Thanks for the idea Aunt Lori!) 

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