Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Insta Tuesday

I love birthday party weekends!  The kids get to play with their friends and lets face it... it's free FUN entertainment!  This was after the party.. on the ride home.. post cake.. eating cookie party favors.  I just let the kids eat whatever when a birthday party is involved!

I made a huge mistake.  I attempted to take Callan of his reflux medicine.  He went from being THE perfect baby (happy, sleeping through the night, content where ever) to a totally different child.  I honestly thought he had caught a cold and after a week and a half I took him to the doctor.  All his symptoms (including.. waking up three times a night, cough, runny nose, extremely cranky, not napping) were from reflux.  It took a week to get the meds back in his system and I got my baby back!  This was him sleeping in his car seat for three hours after doctor visit.  The only place he could find comfort.  Our doctor said babies usually don't outgrow reflux until 6 or 7 months. 

Look whose trying to give up their nap!  Madison took a nap until three and a half.  Tyler and I have had a long discussion about his (okay my) need for him to nap.

Callan LOVES his bath!

The 4th!

We watched a parade downtown!

Madison's face when she saw horses!

Tyler had the best seat!

Cookout at a friends house...

We have movie night every Friday night...

My sister and her family came for a weekend visit!

All of our kids swimming.. (well her two and two of mine!)  I take these with a Lifeproof IPhone case!

Uncle Kris and Austin!

Dinner out!!! (NO KIDS!)

Madison is really really needing more structured things to do.  She loves to do art and "projects" with me and Jason.  I'm constantly looking for things for her to do.  It's tough while caring for Tyler and Callan too.  We pulled out the rainbow rice yesterday!

.. and baked a cake!

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