Sunday, August 26, 2012

Callan - 5 Months

We were fortunate to travel to the beach a week ago.  We met up with my family in Florida and had an amazing time.  I can't wait to post more pictures of our trip, but for now I need to blog about sweet Callan turning five months old!  He turned five months the day before we left on my dad and my brother's birthday.  I scooped up Callan before sunset and he and I headed down to the beach alone.  I spread out his quilt and we sat together for a while.  The breeze was great and the beach was almost empty.  After some time I took a few photos of him.  My favorite is the one above.  He is such a sweet content baby.  I really feel that photo somehow captures this. 

Callan only cries if he is hungry or tired.  His tired cry is really more of a whimper.  There is no "crying it out" for naps or bedtime with him.  He just closes his eyes and goes to sleep. 

He weighs a little more than 14 lbs.  My smallest baby still...he's chubbing up some though!  He's my only baby to take a paci.  I am thankful.  Maybe that is part of the reason he seems so content.  However, I really think it's just his personality.

This month we are working on a lot of tummy time.  His torticollis has improved so much.  We still attend therapy, but I think we won't have it much longer.  I really don't notice it at this point.  He still has plagiocephaly (flattening on one side of his head) from the torticollis, but I think that is improving as well.  I make it sound like it's not a big deal, but it has weighed heavily on me.  He had his consultation at the Dell Children's cranial facial clinic and they confirmed the plagiocephaly, but told me to wait until 7 months for a follow up before deciding on a doc band (helmet).  I am going to get a second opinion.  Fortunately my pediatrician does feel it is a mild case and it will probably correct itself by one year with my consistent repositioning.  I just want to make sure because when it's too late .. it's too late.  I don't want to miss my window if I need to intervene with a helmet.

Callan smiles at everyone.  He lights up when any of us walk in a room.  He's laughing out loud and loves zerberts from me and Tyler.  Tyler still loves to go and get him with me in the mornings.  I get Callan out of the crib and move him to the changing table.  Tyler always grabs the box of wipes and uses it as a stool so he's eye level with Callan.  He pats Callan's tummy and says "Hi Baby!!"  I treasure this. 

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Callan is in therapy too..

I noticed flatness on one side of Callan's head around two months.  I also noticed that he likes to look to the right.  He looks to the right when laying on the floor or being held or in his bouncy or in his crib.  I can turn him around and all of a sudden what ever is on the right is way more interesting that what he was looking at before.  I didn't think too much of it until I took him to the doctor about his reflux before his four month check up.  My pediatrician told me that he was concerned and I needed to get him evaluated as soon as possible. 

Callan has torticollis.  Torticollis is a weakness or tightness in the neck muscles.  His is a mixture of both.  It's believed babies develop this from their positioning in utero.  We have a head evaluation at the end of August at Dell Children's for a helmet.  I really think we may be getting one.  I don't like it, but it's a small sacrifice in life.  I'm sure Callan will thank me one day.  :) 

Callan attends OT twice a week.  I schedule his appointment right before Tyler's speech therapy.  Taking kids to the doctor is tough.  Taking multiple kids to the doctor is even tougher.  Taking multiple kids to therapy twice a week for an undetermined amount of time is about to kill me!

Tyler spends the majority of the appointments trying to escape.

So when I'm not at doctor's appointments or chasing kids.. I'm working on getting Callan to look to the left.

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