Thursday, September 27, 2012

Callan - Six Months a big milestone!!!!

I wanted to wait and do this post when Callan had mastered sitting up so I could take him for a little six month photo shoot.  However, I don't want to forget the little things and he's just not there yet.  All of my kids tend to sit up closer to seven months.

I took him outside and snapped just a few photos right after he turned six months.

Callan weighed 16 lbs and 3 ounces (25%) and was 27 inches long (75%) at his six month well check.  Long and lean. 

Tyler was 21lbs at his six month check up and 27.5 inches long. (Quite a weight difference!) The doctor seems to think at this point they are just going to be two totally different kids!
Callan had just caught a cold at his well check that we are still trying to shake.  Rocking and snuggling seem to help.

Callan started using his jump up this month!!  I have been working hard at keeping him off his head for the plagiocephly and this came in handy.  He also started to roll both ways so I tried to sleep him on his tummy.  If he was tired enough he would.

Right around 5 and a half months I started him on solids.  I just felt like he wasn't getting enough milk from me.  I had strep throat and a few weeks later caught an upper respiratory and sinus infection so I know that had a lot to do with my low milk supply.  He took right to solids.  We did a few days of just cereal and he did so well with it that I added fruits and vegetables.  He is my first baby to actually EAT.  He loves all of it.  Madison and Tyler would NOT eat anything green.  Callan LOVES peas, green beans, and broccoli.  He likes vegetables more than he likes fruit, but he eats it all.  I swear it's a pleasure feeding him!

Callan continues to be an amazing sleeper.  There is no crying it out for him.  I put him in bed and he goes to sleep. 

I love to go get him up in the morning.  He's always like this just waiting on me so this particular morning I took my camera in with me.  He makes me want one more... ALMOST!

These two monkeys love to help me in the morning too.  This is it.. real life.  I left the camera on the dresser and grabbed it to capture the moment.

Jason went to Singapore for 7 days with work.  It was the first time I was on my own for that long with all three kids.  It was HARD.  Jason and I usually conquer and divide at bath/bed time.  So doing all three alone about did me in.   I decided to take a break one night and let Madison and Tyler put Callan to bed.  HA HA!  Two seconds before this photo they were fighting over who would hold the bottle and two seconds after this photo Tyler screamed just to scream... Callan burst into tears and sweet moment was over.  (I swear Callan is looking at me like.. "Seriously mama?  Help. Me.")

The bumbo.. another great tool to keep Callan off his head.  Yes he's on the coffee table.  No the older kids weren't home... and no I didn't leave him there unattended!

Tyler INSISTS on me carrying him down the stairs after his nap (who are we kidding?  That would be quiet time... Tyler doesn't nap) even when I have Callan in my arms.  So normally I'm carting these two down the stairs one in each arm praying the entire way that we all live to tell about it.  I happened to have Callan in the Bjorn and an arm free to take a picture on this day.
Park play date..
Callan's first buddy...  They were born four days apart!  (Cassie we need to do this again soon!)
This is typically how we spend our evenings since it got a tiny bit cooler ... they are spinning Madison.  I love Tyler's tush!  One reason to hold off potty training..
Tummy time.. staying off the head!  Callan NEVER complains!
Callan and another buddy, Cate.  Such a pair.  She's younger by almost three months.  She also has torticollis and plagiocephaly!  They were being baby sat together while me and Cate's mom hung out.  The sweet sitter sent us this pic!  She placed them that way so they would look in the direction that is good for their "condition!"
Callan.. hanging at the pool with us one afternoon.  He slept the entire time.
Tyler trying to "swing" Callan.  Lord I hope Tyler doesn't break him.
Tyler.. he enjoys sitting RIGHT in my lap while I'm trying to feed Callan.  I know you are thinking "just tell him NO!"  I'm not going to lie.. Tyler rules the roost.  I avoid his melt downs at all cost.  Plus he's very cute and persuasive.
Tyler enjoys baby food too.  I enjoy a tantrum free morning.  Tyler is having a little bit of baby bananas with his breakfast.
Callan received an echo cardiogram at birth.  They determined that he had a murmur (noise) and had a flap that didn't close at birth.  The pediatric cardiologist wanted to see us when Callan turned six months old for a follow up.  It was explained to me that if he wanted to see us at two weeks old we had a problem.  If he wanted to wait six months we were not to worry.  So I didn't .  I totally expected this appointment to be a check in the box.  I expected to hear that his flap closed and he was good to go.. never to see the cardiologist again.
An EKG...
a 40 minute long echo cardiogram...
THE perfect baby that cooperated and didn't shed a single tear...
and then we learned that his flap has not yet closed.  I held back the tears and asked all the questions that came to mind.  As of now he does not have a "heart condition."  We give it six more months and do these tests again to see if the flap closes on its own.  We have a WONDERFUL pediatric cardiologist and he told us to leave the worrying to him.  So I am.
I took this photo of Callan smiling for Jason.  We were at the pediatrician to discuss Callan's head.  I didn't even realize it at the time, but I see it now.  My face says it all.  I was so angry!!!! I had never heard the words torticollis and plagiocephlay until they were thrown at me in reference to my own child.  LONG LONG story short I was there for more answers in a follow up to an appointment at a cranial facial clinic. 
In the end Jason and I made an educated decision for Callan.  I asked them if I could take this photo and they said yes.. as I snapped I said.. I don't like it, but it's his story.
We moved forward with the Doc Band.
It arrived just in time.. he's learning to sit up!
I know he's going to thank me one day.. he's going to have a nice round head.  :)
Jason picked the kids up from school that day.  I'll never forget I was sitting on the couch with Callan in my lap and heard the garage door open.  I was anxious.  What were they going to say or think when they saw Callan?  Tyler walked in and patted his head and said "hat."  I said.."that's right.." and then he moved on.  Tyler hasn't mentioned it since.  Madison walked in next and sort of lit up....(I had been prepping her that he was getting a "helmet" of sorts to give him a nice round perfect head).  All that sweet girl said was.. "Mama, how am I going to kiss his head?!"  I teared up and said you kiss right up here baby.. right on top.. and she did.
Tyler at six months.. I think they look alike! 

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