Friday, September 14, 2012


Tyler had an infected thumb.  I'm sure I caused it by cutting his nails too short.  I was trying to have a conversation with the doctor and these two monkeys started pushing the chairs around the room.  I was threatening time out and "NO SUCKERS" if they didn't stop.  Tyler shoved his chair to the door, climbed up and turned the lights out on all of us.  UGH!  Our doctor just sighed and said, "wow, you really have an active one there!" 

Rainy day play doh while her baby brothers napped.
Just because he's so cute!
Real life.. my kids fighting over crayons.  Don't you love Tyler in the hat?
Tyler begged to hold him!
Madison's quiet time always seems to trickle out of her room and down the stairs into my quiet time.
The batch of blueberry vodka lemonade I made for bunco!  It's SUPER yummy!
We live in Texas and we hardly ever see rain.. so we played in it!  Look at those Texas size rain drops...
My parents gave me this hydrangea when I had Tyler two years ago.  We planted it and this year we got our first bloom!
I love these quotes!  I often save them to my phone and text them to a friend to share the chuckle.
Because he was dressed for church and I love this outfit!
I took Madison on a mommy daughter date.  It's important to me to try and get one on one time with each child.
I mean because he looked so peaceful.
Because they LOVE "the baby"
I had a good chuckle over this one...
She actually fell asleep in "quiet time"
How he eats cake.. errr icing.
Callan at the party...
later that day..
He makes me smile..
Sunday school...
Sorry Nana.. she was baking in your dress!  Not a dropped spilled (on the dress that is)!
Season finale of the Batchelorette!
How I spend the big kid's quiet time.. ironing and watching my DVR.  Callan enjoys hanging out with me.  (Quiet honestly I took this pic to complain to a friend that I wasn't able to just sit on my duff).  Laundry waits for no one.
What Tyler does while I'm nursing.. I bark commands from my chair to.. "STOP! Get OFF the coffee table!... Don't do that you are going to knock over the lamp... TYLER, don't climb that.. .your GOING to FALL!!!"
Play date with friends...
Sharing the crayons!
How she dresses...
How she rides...
Loves his bath!
I LOVE to watch him sleep.
How I shower!
So that's it for now!  I still have a ton more to post.  I seem to constantly take photos of my kids with my phone.  Maybe instaSaturday tomorrow!!

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