Thursday, September 13, 2012


Oh my goodness I'm so behind!!  One thing I decided when I started this blog was to NEVER apologize for not posting.  Life takes over and this blog is secondary.  I'm still not going to apoligize, but I have a new angle.  I started MOPS (moms of preschoolers this week) and was given a piece of advice from my table's mentor mom (ladies that have "been there done that" guiding us new moms).  We played an ice breaker game and we were each given a question.  Her question was "What was the best piece of advice related to your kids that you were ever given?"  One was to love your child unconditionally... At first I thought... "ha ha.. yes of course lady..."  but then she said.. "There will be times your children will embarrass you (um yes this has happened), but your job is to LOVE them. "  She elaborated more, but you get the idea.  Her second piece of advice was "to write things down!"  She said you think you won't forget, but you will!  This happened to me the other day.  I was asked how long Callan was at birth.  I had NO IDEA.  I mean I just delivered him less than six months ago and I have NO IDEA.  Thankfully that is a no brainer write down, but what about the small things?  If I can't remember his length at birth what about the sweet day to day moments?  At that moment I was more than ever thankful for this blog.

SO.. I decided to start with recent and then go back to our beach trip... So here we are on the first day of school.  Madison started the 4's with Mrs. Jenny and Tyler started the 2's with Mrs. Rose.  They both have best buddies in the class.  It's going to be a great year!

Madison is my early bird.  She rises at the crack of dawn.  I guess she gets that from me.  I've never been a late sleeper and if I did happen to sleep in late (which has not happened in the past four years ever... not once) I felt guilty about it!  Here she was first day of school up before everyone else.  So I dressed her and took her out for pictures.  She did everything I did.  If I leaned over to get a angle with the camera so did she.  When I squatted down to get on her level.. so did she.

At the time I was a little annoyed, but now I enjoy the memory.  She crossed her arms when I asked her "what she was doing!!"  Love her...

Next up is cranky.. he sleeps in and I had to wake him for school.  I drug the chair out hoping to get a shot of he and Madison together, but instead they fought over the chair.
This was the best I got.. Madison looking shameful and Tyler throwing a fit to go back inside because she wouldn't get up.  At least he didn't pull her hair.  He enjoys that because she gives him a super reaction.  :)
Trying to take pictures at school was really not much better.  Jason met me there and took care of Callan so I had no helper to get the cute walking into school pics with their backpacks.  Honestly I was lucky to get this!!
Madison and her buddy, Catie.  They take dance together and have known each other since before they were two!  Such a long time... haha!

.... and of course Ansley!  This is the third year they are in class together!  I'm praying Ansley moves so they can attend kinder together... Wink Wink .. Ansley's mom!

Madison was so excited about the first day.  She sang her teachers name all the way to school.  Tyler wasn't as thrilled, but had fun as soon as I unglued him from my leg and left the room.. I'm a firm believer in the drop and RUN method! 

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