Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Beach - Instagram

I was so excited to travel to Florida to spend a week at the beach with my parents and my brother and his family.  I was not so excited about the LONG drive with three small kids to get there. I prepped the kids for days about our long car ride.

Jason and I decided to go to bed early and get the kids up around 2:30 a.m. to begin our adventure to the beach.  I fully expected all three to go right back to sleep.  Well expect the unexpected.  They wanted breakfast and movies at 3:00 a.m.  Callan, the best baby ever, when right back to sleep. 
Madison fell back to sleep around 5 a.m. and my dear sweet never lacking energy, Tyler, did not crash until noon. 
He snacked and he snacked.. (here he is licking a pop tart clean... he never did eat it.  Just licked all the icing off and threw it on the floor... LOVE HIM!)
Did I mention he's the best baby??
He only fussed once about an hour from our destination (12 or so hours on the road).. and we stopped to give him a few minutes out of the car seat.
We stopped at McDonald's once on the way too.  We all looked awful.  Jason in torn up flip flops that he refuses to get rid of... me in a ponytail and comfy clothes.. Madison in her PJ's and hair a mess...  The kids ran around the inside like wild banshees.  Jason ordered food while yelling for Tyler and I sat in a booth with Callan in my lap arguing with Madison to "SIT DOWN IN THE BOOTH!"  I know we looked pitiful, but I avoided eye contact with anyone and kept telling myself that I would never see these people again!
Madison hates the purple bear in Toy Story 3...
We arrived to our pink house by dinner time. My sweet dad took Madison down to the beach.  She was just so excited!
Callan only went down with us to the beach a few times when I felt it was cool enough for him.  He slept soundly in the pea pod we borrowed from a friend.  Tyler enjoyed kicking sand on it.
I took this photo for my sis and a friend that I wanted to rub in their face I was at the beach and they weren't.  I was just trying to be thoughtful.  (Looks like I enjoyed sitting on my duff, but with three babies there was little of that.)
Hanging with Callan at the house while Jason took a turn on the beach.
We had a rainy day or two, but we made the most of it.  We enjoyed sitting on the screen porch and watching the ocean.
Or catching a show..
Callan had some snuggle time with Doonie on the beach.
Tyler liked to eat on the beach a lot more than play on the beach.
Me trying to get dressed with company...
Me and my special girl...
My dad is a FANTASTIC cook.. Tyler liked to watch.. must have to do with his love of food!
What's the beach without sunglasses and ice cream?!
Let's go fly a kite!!!
While there we celebrated my dad and brothers' birthday!
Homeward bound...
Horrible weather!
My view some of the time.. A lot of the time I was in that middle seat!  (I LOVE MY VAN!)
REAL camera pics up next!

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