Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Beach.. my attempt at professional!

I took the kids out one beautiful evening in an attempt to get "the shot."  I wanted to try and back light them because the sunset was just so beautiful!  I also wanted to have them face the sun just in case I couldn't get the back lit shot.  Well I learned a few things...

1.  I have a lot to learn in the back lighting department...
2.  My sweet young kids are not going to give me more than one shot at getting "the shot"
3. My favorite pictures are those of them just having fun!

Tyler's PURE sweet sweet smile!

Madison is a LOVER of animals.. all she wanted to do was catch one single bird!!


She was telling me about ALMOST catching a sea gull!

I had the privilege of photographing my sweet sweet one year old nephew, Jet.

LOVE THIS!  He's not yet walking, but certainly crawling away!

Jet with his sweet Mama.. my SIL.

Tyler would rather have rather been eating and Madison would have rather been chasing birds then play in the sand.. can you tell?


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