Thursday, October 25, 2012

My littlest pumpkin...

I needed some pictures of my SEVEN month old by himself with pumpkins.  I scooted out into the front yard and set up my own pumpkin patch. 

Callan is such a sweet sweet baby that I considered taking him to the doctor just to see if something could be wrong.  I decided against it... I think I would end up looking nuts.  "Doctor.. My baby is too good.  He never complains and smiles all the time.  Is something wrong with him?"    I thought Tyler was an easy baby.  In hindsight he was hard.. very very hard.

My failed attempts to get all three in the photo... where is Tyler you might ask??  (Is it just me or does Madison look really grown up all of a sudden?)

Tyler was busy being Tyler...

Here it is.. my favorite picture of my littlest pumpkin....

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Still summer in October...

I've lived in Texas now going on three years.  I am still trying to get used to the weather!!  It was in the high 80's Sunday.  We have worn jeans maybe once this fall.  The Kona ice truck is still coming around screaming it's loud summer music!  We were out front playing and I just couldn't deny them a treat.
I love this picture of Tyler.. I can't decide if I like color or black and white better.  It just goes to show you don't need a fancy landscape to take a sweet picture!
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Four and a half...

Already?!  It seems like just last week we were celebrating her fourth birthday.  I've never been sad about her birthdays, but turning five is going to make me sad.  I know we aren't there yet, but will time please slow down?! 

Madison you are....

extremely outgoing

You are a lover of...

"Ty Ty"

If I had one word to describe you it would be "joy."  You exude it.  You are the happiest child.  You always have a smile on your face and you certainly put one on mine.  Most of the time...  Don't worry, you are a very balanced child. You have perfected your four year old sassy attitude as well.  :) 

Love you!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sitting Up

He is.. he's sitting up!!!  I wouldn't leave him on the tile, but he's doing a pretty good job.

He tips over every once in a while.
His Doc Band has come in handy a few times!  I promise I leave it on the 23 hours a day he is supposed to wear it.  I just don't want all his baby pictures to include it.  He's been just amazing with it.  He hasn't lost one second of sleep since he got it.  (Thank goodness!)
Oh and look... I'm finally getting some help around here!!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Madison much much much preferred to be pushed.  We have had this trike for two years and she either refused to ride it or she would on sit on it and have me push her.  I thought by pushing her she would get the hang of pedaling.  She kinda did, but not really. 

Last week her preschool had bike day and all the kids took their bikes to school.  Madison got her license!

She hasn't looked in her rear view mirror since!

She pulls over to pick the occasional flower....
or slows to ring her bell....
But these days I'm usually far behind in her rear view.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

Look at these babies!  It was a miracle.  I got not one, but two photos that I love!  Jason and I worked as a team and I only spent 5 minutes trying to get a good shot.  I really wanted the kids to enjoy the pumpkin patch and not worry about me trying to pose them!

Sweet Callan.. I wanted to spend more time just taking photos of him, but the other kids needed me too.  So I snapped a couple and moved on.  I hope to take him to a patch by himself to get a couple more.  He has just started to sit up!  I don't trust him for long and I didn't want him to fall over and start crying.

I stepped back and just let the kids be kids and play.

We walked out of there with three big pumpkins and nine MUST HAVE baby pumpkins.

I love this picture of Tyler with the goats!  He loved feeding them.  He giggled and giggled...

These arches were new this year... a nice touch I think!

We also did a hay ride.  I had to feed Callan a bottle so no pictures of that!  We nailed the weather that day.  We had a cold front come through and I had to put long sleeve shirts under the kid's pumpkin shirts.  I've learned to order short sleeve because normally it's still so hot here.  We had the one day of cooler weather and now we are back in the 80's.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Today was picture day at Soccer.  It was the second game of the season and the first I decided it would be cool enough to attend with Callan. 

We had a huge cold front come through overnight.  I snapped a few of Madison and Ansley while waiting for the "professional photos!"
Tyler HAD to jump in the photo. 

The kids were shuffled to get in line and wait their turn.  Tyler wants to do EVERYTHING his big sister does.  Madison is telling someone in front of her that her "brother is behind her."  She's proud to show him off at times too. 

Team photo.. we are on a great team... lots of friends!
I was trying to take action shots of Madison.. (I so need a zoom lens!) and Tyler kept jumping in front of the camera saying "CHEEEEESE!"

This year is much much more fun for me... Madison follows directions for the most part and stays on the field.  She runs off to give me an occasional hug, but tends to save them when there actually is a break between plays.  Tyler is content with a snack and staying on the sidelines with me.  Callan... he just hangs out!

Madison seems to be way more interested in making sure that mom and dad are cheering and clapping for her then actually chasing the ball.  She enjoys hanging around the ball, but not necessarily kicking it. 

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