Thursday, October 25, 2012

My littlest pumpkin...

I needed some pictures of my SEVEN month old by himself with pumpkins.  I scooted out into the front yard and set up my own pumpkin patch. 

Callan is such a sweet sweet baby that I considered taking him to the doctor just to see if something could be wrong.  I decided against it... I think I would end up looking nuts.  "Doctor.. My baby is too good.  He never complains and smiles all the time.  Is something wrong with him?"    I thought Tyler was an easy baby.  In hindsight he was hard.. very very hard.

My failed attempts to get all three in the photo... where is Tyler you might ask??  (Is it just me or does Madison look really grown up all of a sudden?)

Tyler was busy being Tyler...

Here it is.. my favorite picture of my littlest pumpkin....

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  1. How precious is this post!!! Yes, Madison looks too entirely grown up next to Callan. Love the play by play's of "Where's Tyler". And I love the "I thought about taking my baby to the doctor to see if something was wrong". I have my days like that with my Tyler, because Matthew is ALL over the place right now, poor Tyler has to be content and happy!

  2. Madison does look so grown up. I love all the pictures of baby Callan. Tyler reminds me so much of our Landon, always on the move but so sweet!

    Are these shirts from Etsy? If so, what shop?

    1. They are from SheShe made.. She has a website and she's on Facebook!

  3. hahaha love the arrows and fun tyler! :)

  4. So precious. I love that Tyler escaped in every photo. Madison does look grown up. I remember when she was an itty bitty baby. Precious children you have!