Friday, October 12, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

Look at these babies!  It was a miracle.  I got not one, but two photos that I love!  Jason and I worked as a team and I only spent 5 minutes trying to get a good shot.  I really wanted the kids to enjoy the pumpkin patch and not worry about me trying to pose them!

Sweet Callan.. I wanted to spend more time just taking photos of him, but the other kids needed me too.  So I snapped a couple and moved on.  I hope to take him to a patch by himself to get a couple more.  He has just started to sit up!  I don't trust him for long and I didn't want him to fall over and start crying.

I stepped back and just let the kids be kids and play.

We walked out of there with three big pumpkins and nine MUST HAVE baby pumpkins.

I love this picture of Tyler with the goats!  He loved feeding them.  He giggled and giggled...

These arches were new this year... a nice touch I think!

We also did a hay ride.  I had to feed Callan a bottle so no pictures of that!  We nailed the weather that day.  We had a cold front come through and I had to put long sleeve shirts under the kid's pumpkin shirts.  I've learned to order short sleeve because normally it's still so hot here.  We had the one day of cooler weather and now we are back in the 80's.

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