Saturday, October 6, 2012


Today was picture day at Soccer.  It was the second game of the season and the first I decided it would be cool enough to attend with Callan. 

We had a huge cold front come through overnight.  I snapped a few of Madison and Ansley while waiting for the "professional photos!"
Tyler HAD to jump in the photo. 

The kids were shuffled to get in line and wait their turn.  Tyler wants to do EVERYTHING his big sister does.  Madison is telling someone in front of her that her "brother is behind her."  She's proud to show him off at times too. 

Team photo.. we are on a great team... lots of friends!
I was trying to take action shots of Madison.. (I so need a zoom lens!) and Tyler kept jumping in front of the camera saying "CHEEEEESE!"

This year is much much more fun for me... Madison follows directions for the most part and stays on the field.  She runs off to give me an occasional hug, but tends to save them when there actually is a break between plays.  Tyler is content with a snack and staying on the sidelines with me.  Callan... he just hangs out!

Madison seems to be way more interested in making sure that mom and dad are cheering and clapping for her then actually chasing the ball.  She enjoys hanging around the ball, but not necessarily kicking it. 

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