Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Callan - 8 Months

Dear Callan,

You are 8 months old!  You are sitting up well.  You are not crawling and not even aspiring to crawl!  No worries... Madison nor Tyler crawled until they were 10 months old.  You are a lot like your siblings, but a lot not like your siblings.  You love vegetables.  The other two hated them!  You eat cooked broccoli, peas, sweet potatoes.. you eat whole ripe avocado!  You like mashed bananas and you love Cheerios! 

You started a nursing strike with me this month.. I think it's because you got two new teeth at the same time.  I have never been through a nursing strike with a baby and let me tell you it has been no fun for either of us!  I have consulted everyone I know including the Le Leche league and I'm not sure if you and I are going to survive this.    I also think you just hate to miss out on what's going on and you seem to much prefer a bottle so you don't miss a thing your siblings are doing. 

Madison still loves to "babysit" you for me.  She comes in your room every night to kiss you on the head.  Most nights she sings your lullabies.  They are mostly ones she has made up, but we sit and listen and you just smile and coo at her!

Tyler loves you too.. he loves to swing you back and forth in your jumperoo.  I usually have to come to your rescue and explain to him that the jumperoo is not for swinging.  It's hard to convince him that it could hurt you because you are usually hysterically laughing while he does it!!  Ugh you two.. I think I have many years to come of this craziness with you two!  He also likes to give you a nice shove while you are sitting.. just to see your fall over.  What are we going to do with that boy?!

You LOVE LOVE LOVE to stick everything in your mouth.  I was fishing whole leaves out of your mouth while taking these photos.

You were not having anything to do with me and my camera.  You have come alive this month with noticing your surroundings!

I love love love you so much my sweet, easy going, baby boy!