Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Cards

This year I worked for it.. I worked for it and at first thought I didn't get a great shot. The rocking chair was meant for Callan.  The candy Tyler is chewing was meant for after the photo, not during.  I learned with three kids 4 and under I was blessed or lucky to get a photo where they were all looking in at least one direction.  This photo will speak to me forever.  It will tell the story of how they were then.  I'm gonna miss this!

Tyler was normally no where to be seen.  He was running.. or rolling... or fit pitching anywhere, but where I wanted him.

I could count on Madison and Callan...

most of the time....

If Tyler was in position and looked.. he looked like this.... MAD or sulking.  Not the JOY I was looking for in our Christmas cards!

I'm happy. I'm actually happy with ALL OF THEM!

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