Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Callan is ONE!

I have large portraits of Madison and Tyler when they turned one hanging in my home.  Callan turned one and we've just been so busy I haven't been able to take his picture.  I marked my calender for this past Sunday and ran to our neighborhood park and snapped his picture.  It was seven in the evening our normal bath time.  Callan had just eaten and was happy as a clam!  I snapped all of these in ten minutes!
He is laughing in this photo!  He is always happy!
Sweet.. He's just so sweet!
I can't force Tyler to take a picture and expect to get a good one.  While I was taking these he ran over and plopped down and...
This is my favorite age.  I think that's why I do their portrait at this age.  They are such little explorers. 

They are chubby and just sweet.. and always smile for me because they think I am the greatest thing on the planet.

Happy Birthday Callan.. we have come such a long way in this first year of your life. 

I am so thankful to have you and more than anything so blessed. You have touched us and changed us in so many ways. You are the perfect addition to our family. We are complete! 

Your portrait!

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Madison's first lost tooth...

Madison's last dentist appointment was four months ago.  The dentist said two of her bottom teeth were loose so she took x-rays to make sure everything was okay.  We could see in the x-rays that her permanent teeth were already trying to make their way in!! 

One of her bottom teeth had been very wiggly lately.  She loved to show everyone just how loose it was... moms of her friends.. her soccer coach.. you know.. EVERY. ONE.

When Madison was born I was given a tooth fairy pillow.  My initial thought was ... that's a long way off!!  I've blinked and here we are. 

Today I was home with just the boys and for some reason I decided to go get the pillow out of it's storage spot.  The tooth fairy wrote a little note and left it for her for when she got home.  She thought it was great.. not as great as I thought she would, but she liked it!

This evening I took Tyler to a birthday party and Jason took Madison and Callan out to dinner.  I received a text from Jason that ready... "I think Madison's tooth is gone...she must have swallowed it... she doesn't know it and I'm not telling her!"   That cracked me up!!!  When I got home I gave her a bath and helped her brush her teeth.  When she opened her mouth I gasped... "Madison!  You lost your tooth!!!!"   She was THRILLED and not unhappy at all.  She dictated a note to the tooth fairy to me.  It went like this...

Dear Tooth Fairy,

My tooth is lost!  I can't find it!  I'm sorry.  I want you to bring me a chocolate coin.


Well lucky me Tyler's party was a Peter Pan themed party and there were gold chocolate coins on the table.  I happened to have ONE coin left over... so the tooth fairy will leave her that and a few quarters.  The perks of her being so young!

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Saturday, March 16, 2013


A friend at dinner the other night shared a quote she recently heard...  "The days go by slowly, but the years go fast."  That is how I feel.  Sometimes the minutes drag as I look for the next activity to keep the kids occupied..

However, these simple every day moments are passing too quickly. 

Callan spent spring break sick.  He slept so much it made me really nervous.  A trip to the doctor and a phone call to my doctor brother-in-law helped ease my mind.  I hated that he was sick, but it was nice to slow down and spend some time at home with all three kids.  A bath always puts a smile on my sick babies.

Madison is really loves art.  Tyler painted for a quick second and ran off to the sand.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Christmas... That's Right.. Christmas!

Behind.. so behind.  Three kids have proven to leave little time for blogging.  However, this is my scrapbook for them.  So even though I am almost three months late I must get it documented!

My little reindeer and her sweet friends.

This was the first time our preschool did not hold a traditional Christmas program.  They decided to do a sing-a-long with parents instead.  I wish I could say I just loved it... However, after the sing-a-long I without a doubt prefer the program. 

Madison preferred to be chatting it up with her friends and Tyler preferred to be anywhere, but sitting and singing in a pew. 

This was the first song... and that was Tyler's attention span.  I spent the rest of the program trying to contain him.  Jason was there, but I have no proof of that! 

Leading up to Christmas we enjoyed doing some fun Christmas activities that I have tried to make a tradition.

This was the first year Tyler got to participate in decorating a gingerbread house.  He no longer naps (his choice not mine).  So instead of nap time for him it was candy time!! (The lovely road rash on his head was a dramatic incident with the driveway.)

Funny thing about this gingerbread house... I realized you can't expect a two and four year old to decorate one and then leave it sitting out to look pretty.  I ended up having to toss them because we battled everyday all day long about not eating it.  Every time I turned around someone was dragging a stool or chair over to gnaw on it.  They had fun making it and that is what matters.. :)
Next up.. Christmas Eve...

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Callan Noah - 11 Months

Callan turned 11 months old yesterday and I just got his letters up over his crib.  I had them before he was born and had intended to get them up before my due date.  Since Callan came early it just didn't happen.  As the days passed I kept trying to tell myself to get them up.. tomorrow I always thought.  I was stressed about putting them up straight.  One evening I decided to heck with it.. I'm going to wing it.  I pulled the crib back and just slapped them on the wall.  I don't know how I managed, but to me they look pretty darn perfect!  I love them and only wished I'd gotten them up sooner!

Callan started standing pretty steadily this month.  I thought this was the perfect spot to show off his skills.

I even took these right before naptime.    I got so many I just love ...
I feel like I captured all his sweet looks...
Callan is so busy now.  Tyler loved the walker, but this one much prefers to crawl and do his own thing.  Like all babies he loves to put everything in his mouth.  It's so hard keeping small things out of his reach with the other two around.

Just this morning he came crawling to me.  I looked down at him and a penny fell out of his mouth.  A PENNY!!!!!

Leaves and grass is another favorite to eat.  Callan spends a lot of time sitting outside in his car.  It keeps him off the ground.  I have to keep a constant eye on him because Tyler loves to push Callan as hard as he can... to my ultimate dismay Tyler also enjoys letting go of the car to see where Callan might end up!

Callan loves to swing, but what baby doesn't right??  There isn't much Callan doesn't like.... Thankfully!

Happy 11 months!!  The countdown is on until my baby baby baby turns one!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First Hair Cut

Callan's hair grew much faster than Tyler's hair.  At least in the front it reached his eyes sooner.   Callan beat the other two in age for first hair cut. 

Madison went with me and even though she didn't really need her hair cut, I let her get a trim.  Can you tell she loves having her hair done?!

Callan had so much fun!!  He bounced around and drove his fire truck like he's been doing it forever!  He also enjoyed chewing on the steering wheel.

The after... sweet boy with his hair out of his eyes.  I don't know what it is about a haircut, but it always seems to make them look a bit older. 

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Callan - Ten Months

Dear Callan,

You are growing so much!  I would love to see how much you weigh now.  I really think you grew a lot since your nine month check up.  I guess I will wait and see at your one year appointment.  I really can't believe that is what is next up.  One Year!!! 

You started to crawl this past month!

You love to go off and explore on your own.  Don't worry I keep my eye on you.  I often find you in the ball room exploring the art supplies.  You like to take off the door stoppers and chew on them.  You also love to push my antique chairs around on the tile. 

Most of all you love to chase your big brother around!

Tyler loves to run from you too.  He also loves to take ANY toy you find away from you.  He says "no no baby."  He's a stinker that one...

Callan .. you are a JOY!  Always smiling.. waiting patiently.  I think that is the job of the third child.  You have mastered your job of waiting patiently!
You LOVE bath time!
I bathe you and Madison every night.  Daddy bathes Tyler in the other tub.  It's best to keep the more gentle kids together.  (HAHA!)
I keep saying this.. but it's true.  Madison ADORES you!
Tyler is a big fan too.

Love to you sweet Callan.


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