Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Callan - Ten Months

Dear Callan,

You are growing so much!  I would love to see how much you weigh now.  I really think you grew a lot since your nine month check up.  I guess I will wait and see at your one year appointment.  I really can't believe that is what is next up.  One Year!!! 

You started to crawl this past month!

You love to go off and explore on your own.  Don't worry I keep my eye on you.  I often find you in the ball room exploring the art supplies.  You like to take off the door stoppers and chew on them.  You also love to push my antique chairs around on the tile. 

Most of all you love to chase your big brother around!

Tyler loves to run from you too.  He also loves to take ANY toy you find away from you.  He says "no no baby."  He's a stinker that one...

Callan .. you are a JOY!  Always smiling.. waiting patiently.  I think that is the job of the third child.  You have mastered your job of waiting patiently!
You LOVE bath time!
I bathe you and Madison every night.  Daddy bathes Tyler in the other tub.  It's best to keep the more gentle kids together.  (HAHA!)
I keep saying this.. but it's true.  Madison ADORES you!
Tyler is a big fan too.

Love to you sweet Callan.


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