Saturday, March 16, 2013


A friend at dinner the other night shared a quote she recently heard...  "The days go by slowly, but the years go fast."  That is how I feel.  Sometimes the minutes drag as I look for the next activity to keep the kids occupied..

However, these simple every day moments are passing too quickly. 

Callan spent spring break sick.  He slept so much it made me really nervous.  A trip to the doctor and a phone call to my doctor brother-in-law helped ease my mind.  I hated that he was sick, but it was nice to slow down and spend some time at home with all three kids.  A bath always puts a smile on my sick babies.

Madison is really loves art.  Tyler painted for a quick second and ran off to the sand.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Christmas... That's Right.. Christmas!

Behind.. so behind.  Three kids have proven to leave little time for blogging.  However, this is my scrapbook for them.  So even though I am almost three months late I must get it documented!

My little reindeer and her sweet friends.

This was the first time our preschool did not hold a traditional Christmas program.  They decided to do a sing-a-long with parents instead.  I wish I could say I just loved it... However, after the sing-a-long I without a doubt prefer the program. 

Madison preferred to be chatting it up with her friends and Tyler preferred to be anywhere, but sitting and singing in a pew. 

This was the first song... and that was Tyler's attention span.  I spent the rest of the program trying to contain him.  Jason was there, but I have no proof of that! 

Leading up to Christmas we enjoyed doing some fun Christmas activities that I have tried to make a tradition.

This was the first year Tyler got to participate in decorating a gingerbread house.  He no longer naps (his choice not mine).  So instead of nap time for him it was candy time!! (The lovely road rash on his head was a dramatic incident with the driveway.)

Funny thing about this gingerbread house... I realized you can't expect a two and four year old to decorate one and then leave it sitting out to look pretty.  I ended up having to toss them because we battled everyday all day long about not eating it.  Every time I turned around someone was dragging a stool or chair over to gnaw on it.  They had fun making it and that is what matters.. :)
Next up.. Christmas Eve...

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