Sunday, March 10, 2013

Christmas... That's Right.. Christmas!

Behind.. so behind.  Three kids have proven to leave little time for blogging.  However, this is my scrapbook for them.  So even though I am almost three months late I must get it documented!

My little reindeer and her sweet friends.

This was the first time our preschool did not hold a traditional Christmas program.  They decided to do a sing-a-long with parents instead.  I wish I could say I just loved it... However, after the sing-a-long I without a doubt prefer the program. 

Madison preferred to be chatting it up with her friends and Tyler preferred to be anywhere, but sitting and singing in a pew. 

This was the first song... and that was Tyler's attention span.  I spent the rest of the program trying to contain him.  Jason was there, but I have no proof of that! 

Leading up to Christmas we enjoyed doing some fun Christmas activities that I have tried to make a tradition.

This was the first year Tyler got to participate in decorating a gingerbread house.  He no longer naps (his choice not mine).  So instead of nap time for him it was candy time!! (The lovely road rash on his head was a dramatic incident with the driveway.)

Funny thing about this gingerbread house... I realized you can't expect a two and four year old to decorate one and then leave it sitting out to look pretty.  I ended up having to toss them because we battled everyday all day long about not eating it.  Every time I turned around someone was dragging a stool or chair over to gnaw on it.  They had fun making it and that is what matters.. :)
Next up.. Christmas Eve...

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