Saturday, April 13, 2013

Madison's first lost tooth...

Madison's last dentist appointment was four months ago.  The dentist said two of her bottom teeth were loose so she took x-rays to make sure everything was okay.  We could see in the x-rays that her permanent teeth were already trying to make their way in!! 

One of her bottom teeth had been very wiggly lately.  She loved to show everyone just how loose it was... moms of her friends.. her soccer coach.. you know.. EVERY. ONE.

When Madison was born I was given a tooth fairy pillow.  My initial thought was ... that's a long way off!!  I've blinked and here we are. 

Today I was home with just the boys and for some reason I decided to go get the pillow out of it's storage spot.  The tooth fairy wrote a little note and left it for her for when she got home.  She thought it was great.. not as great as I thought she would, but she liked it!

This evening I took Tyler to a birthday party and Jason took Madison and Callan out to dinner.  I received a text from Jason that ready... "I think Madison's tooth is gone...she must have swallowed it... she doesn't know it and I'm not telling her!"   That cracked me up!!!  When I got home I gave her a bath and helped her brush her teeth.  When she opened her mouth I gasped... "Madison!  You lost your tooth!!!!"   She was THRILLED and not unhappy at all.  She dictated a note to the tooth fairy to me.  It went like this...

Dear Tooth Fairy,

My tooth is lost!  I can't find it!  I'm sorry.  I want you to bring me a chocolate coin.


Well lucky me Tyler's party was a Peter Pan themed party and there were gold chocolate coins on the table.  I happened to have ONE coin left over... so the tooth fairy will leave her that and a few quarters.  The perks of her being so young!

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