Friday, March 13, 2015

2014 in Pictures... JOIN ME!!

I tried to post last year at least a dozen times and I could not get my blog to upload photos!  Chasing three very busy kids led me to give up.  I missed blogging so I begged my husband to figure it out already!  So here I am.. I'm back after a long long break!

I think the best place to start is here... last year. I did keep up my challenge for the most part.  My challenge was to take more of the everyday....

Every day then and now is this... time out!

With Madison in kindergarten I had a lot of boy time on my hands.  I'm not going to sugar coat it.. Boys are busy.. busy...busy

I just wanted to capture her... Madison.  Those missing front teeth melted my heart.

This kid... Callan.. well he turned two.

This kid... Tyler.. well he fell in love with superheros.. ALL.OF.THEM.

She still melts his heart.  Daddy's girl...

Extra special friends....

This girl.. well she turned 6!!!  I blinked and she turned six!

and she had her BFF spend the night.  That sweet girl brought her matching pajamas.  The boys wanted in on all the fun.  Madison was not thrilled about it.

2014 taught me that the hardest thing I would do all year is try to get an awesome picture of all three kids...impossible.


but sometimes that is ok.. because THIS .. THIS is real life... this is my everyday.. MY everyday.

and y'all... he turned 4!!!!  He turned 4 years old.....He's a mess that one.. he's a busy, loud, crazy, mess... but he has the kindest heart... and he has my heart.

... just wait.. there's more! 

Please do me a favor.. if you happen to still follow my blog.. would you please comment and let me know!! 

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