Thursday, March 19, 2015

Austin Rodeo

We braved rainy looking weather this year for our annual trip to the Austin Rodeo.  It's small and has just enough things for small kids to do.  Madison loved the rides and Tyler tolerated them.   He loves to do whatever Madison is doing. 

Callan could ride some of of the rides, but not all of the ones the older kids could ride.  Jason walked to a game to divert his attention while the big kids rode the roller coaster.  The gaming lady let him play for free and gave him this "happy face."  Well that's all it took and he was hooked.  He spent the rest of the fair begging to play games.  He had us laughing because of the rides he did ride he always put his head between his legs.  He didn't cry, but he seemed miserable.

We decided to ride the Ferris Wheel at the very end.  Tyler had pretty much had it with the rides.  I got in line with Madison while carrying Callan.  I expected Jason to fall in line with Tyler.  I looked behind me and to my horror Tyler was running screaming through the crowd away from Jason.  He was screeching and running around trash cans as Jason attempted to corral him.  People were laughing because he was yelling that he was not going to get on the ride.  Jason finally grabbed him.  We would not have forced him if we didn't know he would love it.. and he did.  He said "I told you this was my favorite ride."  Madison then said.. "This is the best day ever!" 

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